Book – The great minds of the Revolution meet in Xavier Badefort’s first adventure novel, in Tulle (Corrèze)

“I have always had writing in me. This is not a revelation, nor a temptation to give in to fashion. It just needed a click.

Xavier Badefort, who is publishing his first adventure novel this summer, got it while writing. A historical book on the First World War in Tulle. “The beginning of the chapters was fictional. I realized that I liked telling stories rather than writing history books,” he recalls.

Thus germinated, little by little, Wild Land Angels (New authors), the story of the adventures of Gabriel d’Aymar at the time of the French Revolution. A hero with a big heart and broad ideas, tossed about by events between France, America and the Far North.

“The Revolution is my favorite period as a history teacher,” says Xavier Badefort. It is a period where everything merges, there is a relativity of good and evil. At one point, it goes off the rails and the hero ends up losing his way, and even being devoured by it. »

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A modern hero

A resolutely modern hero, “even if this period remains very backward, particularly in the lower Limousin”, whom he wanted to grapple with contemporary issues. Feminism, euthanasia, racism… “I wanted my hero not to be confined in this very narrow universe, to upset destiny in a period when the social ladder does not exist. »

All this against a backdrop of epic adventure and stories of passionate love and faithful friendship, in a round trip between decades and continents. “I wrote as one does a puzzle. When I had written all the chapters, I didn’t know in what order they would fit together. I write first according to scenes that I have in my head. Little by little, everything fell into place. »

Everything followed: the publication by the publisher New authors and, icing on the cake, the Prix du jury Femme Actuelle, a readers’ prize chaired by Françoise Bourdin.

Current Woman Award

“It was a very happy surprise. I am very happy that this is a readers’ award. It’s a satisfaction and a reward, because the goal is not to write for oneself, but to be read, for people to give their opinion. »

He who today feels “as much a teacher as a writer” took up the pen again without delay. He is finishing the writing of a second historical novel, an uchronia dating from the end of the 19th century. A contemporary novel is already in the making, “to see if I am capable of detaching myself from my profession”, notes Xavier Badefort, that the writing of the continuation of wild land angels try too.

“Initially, I had conceived it as a saga. It would take two more before reconnecting with the alternate history, whose anti-hero is a descendant of the hero of the first novel. »

A story to follow…

Wild Land Angels, by Xavier Badefort (New authors); 363 pages, €18.95.

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Book – The great minds of the Revolution meet in Xavier Badefort’s first adventure novel, in Tulle (Corrèze)

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