Reinacimiento, the “rebirth” of Flora

I used to write a lot of sad love songs in the past, but now my subjects are more feminism [et] how to break free from toxic love and fall in love with yourself againunderlines the artist revealed to the general public under the name of Flora Stein at The voicein 2020.

Born to a Mexican father and a Quebec mother, Flora sings in English, Spanish and French at the same time in the four pieces appearing on Reinstatement.

Gatineau artist, Flora.

Photo: Kelly-Ann Daigle

I wanted to highlight my Mexican origins [et] cultural mixing. I think it’s something worth seeing in Quebecargues the one that viewers also saw and heard within the Flores clan in the second season ofA family resemblancein 2013. We speak English, French and Spanish at home. It’s part of my baggage.

Since my visit to The voice and thanks to the support I got from people in Gatineau, I felt like I could let myself go. I give myself the right to try [de nouvelles choses] and see where it will take me. »

A quote from Flora, singer-songwriter from Gatineau

A pop turn

With this first mini-album, the 26-year-old artist moves away from his folk influences and turns towards experimental pop, mixing different sounds. The room Bye There (Baila) stands out in particular for its reggaeton accents.

[En grandissant], my parents played a lot of disco. My mother listened to ballads; my sister, hip-hop; and me, I grew up with radio popremembers the one who now lives in Montreal. I couldn’t afford to stay in one musical style. I want to touch everything.

I have a very dynamic, colorful and joyful image, but I still have depth. All my songs have an important meaning. I’m more than just a smiling girl and bubbly. »

A quote from Flora, singer-songwriter from Gatineau

The importance of family

Born to musician parents, the singer-songwriter was able to count on the help of her family when designing Reinstatement.

The song the bruja, whose lyrics are mostly in Spanish, was notably written with his father, Ramon Flores.

He’s a great lyricist. He fed me good ideas [et] it also satisfied me because, sometimes, I brought things and he said to me: “Wow, it’s so beautiful what you said”, [alors que] I am not fluent in Spanish. There really is a bondsays the artist.

As for Wildthe room was created with the help of her older sister Cynthia. It’s a song more sassywith attitude, and it went well with his personalityunderlines his younger brother.

My family is still there. It’s them who allow me to believe [en moi] and having wild dreams. They are part of me and will always be in my music. »

A quote from Flora, singer-songwriter from Gatineau

Flora is currently working on various projects, including a second mini-album, titled Living Room Confessionsthis time with r’n’b and folk influences, as well as an extract of music houseto be published during the summer.

She also wants to write a project entirely in French. It’s my first language, so I find it important to do soshe mentions.

Meanwhile, Reinstatement is already available.

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Reinacimiento, the “rebirth” of Flora

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