Why yoga enthusiasts in Gournay-en-Bray are angry

The office of the Sport for all association has been renewed until June. But the future remains uncertain. (©Sport for all)

With just over 70 members, the association Sports for all of Gournay-en-Bray worries about his future.

The Covid, competition from other associations and successive moves got the better of the members’ patience. Many have left. And even the office shows signs of annoyance.

Monique Andrieuxthe treasurer, is one of those who push a blow of anger.

Sport for All Board of Directors (gentle gym and yoga) was recently re-elected. Wednesday, November 30, the office was also renewed. But concern and anger rumble in the ranks.

“Sport for all questioned in June”

“Current members have said they still want to commit to this year, given the members who have paid their dues for 2022-2023. But it is very likely that in May-June, the existence of Sport for all will be called into question and that the association will be dissolved,” warns the treasurer, Monique Andrieux.

Because she knows it, next June, the president (Philippe Soyer) will leave office definitively.

“It should be remembered that in September, two important slots were removed from us on Wednesday, two days before the forum, when they had been granted to us in July. The town hall then undertook to provide us with another premises that we were only able to use at the beginning of November” explains Monique Andrieux.

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We have the feeling of embarrassing

Monique AndrieuxSport for All Treasurer

Since November 9, a slot has been found in the motor skills room, rue des écoles. But nothing very satisfying especially after being tossed from room to room. And anyway, the members have for some left the ship.

And the treasurer added: “Obviously, we have lost a lot of members and we feel a notorious indifference on the part of the city. We thought we had our place in the Gournais landscape, but we rather have the feeling of being in the way”.

From 270 to 70 members

Sport pour tous is an association that has 42 years on the clock (it was born in 1980). In the good old days, the association counted up to 270 members. Today, there are about 70 left.

“The Covid period was very difficult, as for many associations. We had managed to stay afloat, not without difficulty. But in September we received the coup de grace and the inconvenience is not over,” continues Monique Andrieux.

“We are going to finish the year started and everything will be called into question in June. Our president announced that he would not continue” details Monique Andrieux, who could take over the presidency provided that a treasurer is found, “and especially that the City stops putting our heads under water. And if in June, we do not have more consideration, we will throw in the towel”.

However, there is hope. A hope to which the treasurer clings a little.

Eric Picard. “A gymnasium extension project”

The mayor of Gournay-en-Bray, Eric Picard, readily acknowledges “errors” in the management of this file. Lack of communication, bad timing… “I completely understand the wrath of Sport for All. And given previous seasons, they need a place of their own with mats to practice their yoga safely.” And to add: “They were removed from the dojo because combat sports are a priority in a dojo. But that was not necessarily handled well on our part. We are running out of room in Gournay. But we are not the worst. Sport for all should not be an adjustment variable in the planning of the halls”.
And Eric Picard confirms what he has already said to the association: “There is indeed a project to extend the gymnasium. A dedicated room, something more permanent, which will also be used by other associations”. But in the meantime, the mayor also suggests that the association make contact with “neighboring municipalities which could welcome them”.
After all, “some members are not Gournaisiens” recalls the elected official.
And the mayor of Gournay-en-Bray added: “Because of these moving problems, Sport for All had expenses without revenue in the face. It is a shortfall that I will gladly study with them”.
Here are some open doors that may allow Sport for All to find its little paradise and continue towards a 43rd year.

“The mayor recently agreed to make a room for us. A kind of extension at the back of the gymnasium”. But we will have to wait a little longer.

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Why yoga enthusiasts in Gournay-en-Bray are angry

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