The pilates bar to gently tone up

The pilates bar is an increasingly popular sport. This activity allows you to tone up and strengthen several muscle groups as well as your sheathing capacities.

What is the pilates bar?

The pilates bar is inspired by pilates to offer a complete workout. These are varied and non-repetitive muscle strengthening exercises, to avoid getting tired and continue to progress. They are also impact-free, which is an advantage for those who do not like sports involving jumps.

Weights are used to tone and add intensity to certain movements. A large part of the course is also based on the work of balance and mobility. About what raise the cardio, improve stamina and sweat, gently.

Pilates bar: what muscles are used?

Just like classic pilates, the pilates bar uses many muscles.

First of all, you should know that this practice works the muscles in depth, for a sculpted and toned silhouette. The movements help to strengthen:

  • Sheathing and abdominals
  • The thigh muscles
  • The gluteal muscles
  • arm muscles

This is not a lesson to be taken lightly! If we imagine that softness rhymes with ease, this is absolutely not the case. Although the movements are non-impact, the heat rises very quickly, to boost endurance, tone up and burn fat. This practice also uses breathing and allows you to relax, as well as to act on certain joint and muscle pains.

Who is the pilates bar for?

Good news ! You don’t have to be an elite athlete to practice the pilates bar.

This method is suitable for all levels. The fact that it is impact-free also makes it more available for beginners.

So no excuse not to take the plunge!

The best way to practice the pilates bar is to go to a course organized by a specialist in the field. This practice is not complicated to follow, but it still requires a minimum of expertise to understand the movements and perform them well. Especially if you are not at all familiar with the pilates.

You can practice the pilates bar at the episodic gym in Paris, at the Nation and Républiques hubs.

Namely: if you prefer practice a sports activity from home, there are pilates bar classes online. However, you will not be able to be sure that the movements are well done.

>>> So ready to test this practice to tone up ?

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The pilates bar to gently tone up

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