This infallible trick will help you stop raging on Elden Ring

Who hasn’t gotten mad at a game? Between the bugs, the fights that are too difficult, the playmates that are too bad…There are plenty of reasons to lose our means. Instead of breaking everything and spending crazy sums to buy back controllers and keyboards, listen to the advice of science instead.

An infallible trick to calm down

manage to stay calm losing is easier said than done. Some games take pleasure in putting our nerves to the test, such asElden Ring. Frustration, nervousness, weariness… These are the feelings that the lack of success in a game gives us. The good news is that feeling this is perfectly human. It exists very effective methods to calm you down.

This kind of behavior also occurs at high levels. Some professional players lose their means in competition or streaming. This is the case of Kurt Fenechretired player Fifa and banned by EA due to his outbursts during his games. On Twitchit is Sardoche who had crossed the red line on League of Legends.

Clip of player Kurt on FIFA

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The technique of Naam Yoga

Anger is the worst enemy of success. To manage to calm down and approach a difficult phase of the game more serenely, the Naam Yoga seems to be a terribly effective technique. With a few very simple manipulations to be done on the fingers and hands, the body can loosen naturally after a few seconds.

Naam Yoga exercises for relaxation

How to practice Naam Yoga ? One of the recommended exercises is to make a pressure point in the center of the palm of the hand with the opposite thumb for one minute. The pressure exerted activates a nerve in the chest area and provides a sensation of relaxation immediate. For even more efficiency, master your breathing : Inhale through your nose for three seconds and exhale for three seconds.

There are other manipulations to do to help evacuate stress and negative thoughts. One of them is to fully grip each of the fingers of one hand with the opposite one. Apply gentle pressure for one to two minutes on each finger while working on the breath.

Now that you are a Naam Yoga expert, the 100th death on Elden Ring will no longer have any effect on you. You still risk being jealous of the player Let Me Solo Her who beat Malenia for the 1000th time without dying.

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This infallible trick will help you stop raging on Elden Ring

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