Lenovo Yoga Book 9i: the Book has never lived up to its name so well

Lenovo unveils first-ever laptop with two full-frame OLED displays. Transitional proof of concept or small revolution?

The CES is in full swing, and brands are taking the opportunity to unveil their latest innovations. Lenovo has stood out with a device that’s simply one of a kind: Meet the Yoga Book 9i, the world’s first dual-screen OLED computer.

Technically, other manufacturers have already offered devices with two OLED display surfaces. We think in particular of ASUS with the latest version of its Zenbook Duo (see our test). But here, it is indeed two complete screens, connected by a central hinge. A first among major manufacturers to our knowledge. So we end up with a “Book” that has rarely been so aptly named, since it looks a bit like a real book.

Each “page” is a 13.3-inch 60 Hz OLED panel in 16:10 format, and offers an impressive resolution of 2880×1800 pixels. Color reproduction also promises to be very satisfactory with 100% support for the DCI-P3 gamut. Only the brightness seems a bit feeble, with 400 nits on the clock.

This device is entitled to modern hardware, namely 13th and latest generation of Intel processors. Specifically, it will be a 6-core (2 P-Cores, 4 E-Cores) U-series i7. A fairly energy-efficient chip, which is anything but negligible when it comes to powering two OLED panels permanently. It will be supported by 16 GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 512 GB to 1 TB of PCIe 4.0 SSD storage.

Lenovo has bet on a large 80 WHr battery, the kind that is generally found more on gaming computers. According to the manufacturer, this makes it possible to exceed the 7 hour mark on MobileMark 2018. With the screen off, the autonomy increases to 14 hours.

A polymorphic machine that comes close to a “real” book

But its main argument is obviously its very particular format that Lenovo hopes to put at the service of multitasking and productivity.

Indeed, as the presentation image suggests, this device can be used in many ways. There is of course the “standard laptop” layout, with the first pane flat on a desk.

In this configuration, it is used a bit like a Zenbook Duo. The 1st screen can display a virtual keyboard while retaining space to display additional windows above. Unfortunately, this space seems for the moment reserved for native Windows widgets. This considerably limits its interest. But it’s something that could change with a simple software overlay update.

For fans of classic keys, don’t panic: the device comes with a detachable physical keyboard. It can be placed below the 1st screen, or even placed directly on it to approximate the format of a traditional laptop.

The machine can also be folded the other way around like a classic convertible laptop. In this configuration, the 1st screen then serves as a support. It can also be fully unfolded, then placed vertically, in landscape or portrait format depending on the desired use. A foldable stand is also provided. In both cases, the detachable keyboard can be attached to the lower edge.

Finally, it can also be used as a traditional tablet, or as a two-fold reading light. This may be able to bring sensations closer to a “real” book, even if the reading comfort will probably be a little behind compared to a specialized reader.

A limited performance / price ratio, but a machine that throws

In the end, we end up with an extremely intriguing device and, we must admit, quite exciting. But with a starting price announced at €2,299, it will not appeal to all user profiles.

The price / performance ratio is significantly lower than some other models, including Lenovo. As with the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 that we tested last year, it is the very particular format that is the main argument of this machine. This Yoga Book 9i is therefore intended for an audience with a substantial budget and who is looking for a unique user experience.

Anyway, we can only welcome these innovative efforts of the Chinese manufacturer. Lenovo has multiplied the form factors amazing over the past few months, and it’s always great to see brands think outside the box like this. It will be very interesting to look at the feedback from the first testers. If this model meets expectations, the experience promises to be quite interesting.

The release of the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is scheduled for next July from 2299€.

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Lenovo Yoga Book 9i: the Book has never lived up to its name so well

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