How to choose the right yoga coach?

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How to choose the right yoga coach?

Today, there are many options for taking a yoga class. But among the growing offer, how to choose the right coach yoga ?

The answer is not obvious, because it varies according to everyone’s expectations. What suits one will not necessarily suit another. A good yoga coach must above all serve as a guide for his students. He must be qualified, attentive and benevolent. Choosing a good coach can make all the difference in your yoga journey.

Here are some recommendations to help you find the shoe that suits you.

Identify your needs

First, it is important to identify your needs:

  • Why do you want to practice yoga? This can be to relax, to resume physical activity or to find a spiritual connection for example;
  • Do you have any health problems, morphological or age-related particularities to take into consideration? ;
  • What types of yoga are you looking for? Rather soft and relaxing or intense and dynamic?

If you don’t have all the answers, that’s okay. This is the opportunity to test different methods to find what suits you best.

Also know that your practice is not set in stone. As it evolves, you can choose to branch out and practice with different teachers as well as try your hand at various styles of yoga. There is no rule. Follow your instincts and your desires.

What training for a yoga coach??

Yoga Alliance Certification

The teaching of yoga is not regulated in France. There are therefore no official diplomas.

Yoga Alliance is currently the only body that oversees the yoga industry as a whole. The organization lists the different yoga schools that meet defined teaching criteria.

The program includes in particular knowledge of:

  • foundations of yoga;
  • notions of anatomy;
  • learning sequencing;
  • breathing techniques;
  • meditation;
  • etc

It is only through these accredited yoga schools that teachers can claim to be certified. Teachers who have this certification will mention the acronym “RYT” which stands for Registered Yoga Teacher, followed by a number, which corresponds to the number of learning hours of their training.

The first level is the RYT 200, it means that your yoga teacher has trained in yoga for a minimum of 200 hours in a school certified by Yoga Alliance. This certification is valid worldwide.

How do you know where your coach trained?

You don’t need to ask every teacher for their RYT, but you can research it online or ask for references at the yoga studio where you practice. Most studios have detailed teacher biographies available on their websites and social media. You will find all the necessary information on the background and training of your teachers.

Find a yoga coach suited to your level

If you’re new to yoga or haven’t done much yoga before, it’s highly recommended that you start with a beginner’s class. You will discover or rediscover the basics of yoga.

These courses are taught by teachers who are used to working with beginners. The teacher will teach you the fundamentals of yoga and how to practice safely. Classes labeled “all levels” are not necessarily the best choice, because the coach will adapt to the level of the majority of students and you may quickly feel lost.

At the beginning of the lesson, be sure to inform your teacher that you are a beginner so that he can accompany you as well as possible during the session. There’s no shame, everyone’s been there. Do not hesitate to ask for the help you need.

Use word-of-mouth to find your yoga coach

To find your yoga teacher, talk about it around you!

Friends, colleagues, entourage, among the people you hang out with, there are surely yoga enthusiasts. They will probably be happy to give you advice, connect you with yoga coaches, or even accompany you to a class. It can be a less intimidating way to start.

You can also turn to social media for reviews and recommendations. Instagram is a veritable gold mine for finding yoga coaches near you and familiarizing yourself with their universe before going to a first class.

Also, when you are given the contact details of a yoga teacher, you can see if they have a website, social networks or any online presence. This will allow you to discover his background and see if his philosophy and vision are aligned with yours.

Opt for a trial lesson before committing

Now that you have some yoga teacher names. It’s time to test! The relationship between you and your yoga teacher is very important. It is therefore essential to have a good feeling from the first exchanges. The coach must put you at ease and in confidence. Then you must adhere to his way of teaching and his methods.

Note that you may not be totally convinced on the first try, but don’t despair. Keep looking, try multiple teachers, multiple classes, and multiple styles of yoga to find what’s right for you. Form your own opinion by asking yourself these questions each time:

  • Are you comfortable?
  • Do you feel listened to and safe?
  • Did you learn anything?
  • Do you feel better at the end of the course than at the beginning?
  • Did the coach give you any personalized adjustments during practice?
  • Does it offer you posture variations adapted to your abilities?

Even if your first experience isn’t perfect, there’s always something to be gained from it as long as you’re in a caring environment. Each lesson is a new opportunity to learn, challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. It is by trying and practicing that you will be able to define exactly what you are looking for. You can then find your ideal yoga coach!

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How to choose the right yoga coach?

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