Culture – Enthusiasts have their place at the Bains-Douches, in Lignières, where four workshops are offered this year

At the dawn of their new season of cultural action, the Bains-Douches de Lignières set a particular tone for the resumption of amateur practices. This year, four workshops – three already existing (song, live performance awareness, yoga) and a new one, with the Terre de chœur choir – are on the program. (read below).

“It is important to promote them, especially in the post-pandemic context of Covid-19, explains Sylvain Dépée, the director of the Bains-Douches. These workshops were the first to be impacted by the lockdowns and health restrictions. The citizens, in addition to being deprived of entertainment, did not have access to their leisure activities. »

After two years of frustration, there is this desire to resume a normal life, to find these moments of sociability that have been missed.

For the Bains-Douches, it is also a question of pursuing a part of their history. “When the association was created in 1978, the Bains-Douches was not just a performance hall, rather a sort of mini-MJC (youth and culture centre, editor’s note), continues Sylvain Dépée. For example, there has been a yoga workshop for years. Compared to other current music scenes (Smac), which most often have projects directly related to their artistic field, this is one of the singularities. It’s an almost holistic view. What matters to us, too, is to be open, not just on show days. »

“Reinvest community life”

Participation in the workshops is subject to subscription to the Bains-Douches (25 euros). The team thus hopes to encourage “reinvestment in community life. The participants are all people likely, for example, to come and see our shows, at the reduced rates enjoyed by all members. »

In this spirit, the singers of Terre de chœur will join both their choir and the Bains-Douches. “They validated the principle at a general meeting, specifies Sylvain Dépée. We offered them to be their refuge, while they previously met either in Ids-Saint-Roch or in Saint-Hilaire-en-Lignières, and they needed visibility and stability. We welcome them in the voice room, a professional room, which offers them greater working comfort. »
“They nevertheless keep their independence and their link with the other municipalities,” he says. This is positive for each structure. »

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Marlene Lestang

Song. Two Wednesdays per month, from 7 to 9 p.m.; from now on. Fabienne Pralon animates the workshop based on the work of the voice and the interpretation around a repertoire of contemporary song. Because of the tour, the sessions until December are provided by Carine Achard, singer accompanied by the regional song center. Price: 160 euros per year, plus subscription to the Bains-Douches.
Awareness of live performance for 15-25 year olds. Every Saturday concert, from October 8th. The workshop allows you to meet professionals, discover the professions of the show and the operation of the Bains-Douches, by integrating the team. Free, after joining the Bains-Douches.
Yoga. Every Saturday, from 2 to 3.30 p.m., at the Lignières sports complex. Marie-Noëlle Pichon, head of Yoga Santé 18, leads a workshop focusing on breathing, back and joint well-being. Annual subscription, 200 euros; yoga license, 38 euros; subject to subscription to the Bains-Douches.
Choir land of choir. Every Thursday outside school holidays, from 7:15 p.m. to 9 p.m. The repertoire of this mixed choir, led by Jean-Benoît Walker-Viry, ranges from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, including religious songs and gospel. Knowledge of music theory is not a prerequisite, only attendance and the desire to progress count. Annual subscription: 80 euros; plus subscription to the Bains-Douches.
Registrations. With the Bains-Douches, at, except for Terre de chœur, directly with the choir, at or at

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Culture – Enthusiasts have their place at the Bains-Douches, in Lignières, where four workshops are offered this year

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