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Jinx may not necessarily be dead after the grand finale of Titans Season 4 Part 1. The climactic battle in the first half of Titans Season 4 pits Nightwing’s team, minus a humiliated Superboy, against Mother Mayhem’s Blood Church, and the outcome is usually disastrous for hopeful heroes. Not only failing to achieve any of their goals, the Titans also lose Jinx to Mother Mayhem herself, stabbed in the gut and seemingly killed. Jinx looks mildly annoyed as Nightwing cradles his unconscious head, and the duo’s previous conversation, in which Jinx admitted she enjoyed her time with the Titans, sounded like an unspoken farewell speech.

Luckily for fans of sarcastic British humor, Titans season 4 and Jinx may not be over yet. Although her body shows exactly no signs of life at the end of the Titans mid-season finale, Jinx’s magic has performed minor miracles throughout the Church of Blood arc, and the extent of his abilities remains mysterious enough for a resurrection, healing, or rebirth of some description. Alternatively, Titans established the classic DC trope of the Lazarus pits as a method of cheating death. If such a pit exists in Metropolis, a quick dive would likely spare Jinx’s life.

Beast Boy Could Save Jinx In Titans Season 4

Jinx’s death represents the least of the Titans’ problems at the end of Season 4 Part 1. Sebastian Sanger finally transforms into Brother Blood and uses his newfound magic, forcing the Titans to disappear. It’s unknown if the heroes were killed or teleported to safety, but the only exception is Beast Boy, who successfully transfers into the red before Sebastian’s spell takes effect. Beast Boy’s survival means it’s now up to him to somehow save the Titans, and the Season 4 Part 1 finale alludes to time manipulation as a potential answer, as Gar is shown hearing Superboy’s words before he speaks them.

If Beast Boy can use the power of Red to reverse time, he may be able to stop Sebastian’s transformation and completely save his friends from Brother Blood’s eardrum-splitting sorcery. Wind the clock back a few seconds earlier still, and Gar could use the cosmic strength of the Red to intervene in Jinx and Mother Mayhem’s fight, sarcasticly warn his friend of the sneak attack, and save Jinx from a skewer. Jinx may have died before his fellow Titans disappeared, but Beast Boy could kill two birds with one stone – or, in fact, save six Titans with a single cosmic force – by saving Jinx alongside the others.

Jinx Hints She Already Survived Death In Titans

No one can quite know his last words until the moment arrives, but “f**k…not yet” is certainly an unusual line to bow out on. Jinx’s parting shot strongly implies that being seemingly killed by Mother Mayhem in the Titans season 4, part 1 finale isn’t her first brush with death. Jinx is always around to hurl fun insults and lust at Superboy in the current Titans era, so if Lisa Ambalavanar’s character has ever tricked the afterlife once, she can presumably pull the same trick again .

Jinx’s death-defying antics can be tied to Titans season 3 and the train from beyond, in which Alan Ritchson’s Hank’s Bon Jovi-loving spirit revealed a way back to the world living. While Jinx has talked about ways to predict where that elusive bridge will appear in the black-and-white afterlife, she may find death to be a more temporary arrangement than most. If Jinx were to somehow save herself in the Titans season 4 revival, rather than relying on Beast Boy to fix everything, she and Gar could pool their powers to bring the other heroes back. of where Brother Blood sent them.

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Why THIS Character May Not Have Died In The Titans Season 4 Finale Part 1 | Pretty Reel

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