The Marseillais paid handsomely to attend the World Cup in Qatar? A blogger swings…

Paga, Jessica Thivenin or even Kévin Guedj… Several candidates from Marseille attended World Cup matches this week. Real football passion or big publicity stunt?

Since this Tuesday, November 22, French football enthusiasts are behind the Blues, who celebrated a landslide victory against the Australians, with a score of 4-1. Among the supporters present in the stands, we could count this week several Marseille candidates. But it seems that it’s not their love of the national sport that motivated them to travel to Qataraccording to a French blogger.

Paga, Jessica Thivenin and Kévin Guedj in Qatar for 10,000 euros?

It is through a snapshot published in the Instagram story of Jessica Thivenin that Internet users were able to learn the arrival of influencers Qatar. Visit which was not trivial, according to the words of Mayamo TV, a blogger specializing in reality TV.

The candidates of Marseilles Would’ve been invited by the country to promote the World Cupafter the many calls for a boycott. More than that, the event organizers would also have remunerated them to communicate on their presence at the various matches. Still according to Mayamo TV, it’s €10,000 each that Marseilles would have pocketed. A publicity stunt organized by the Qatar which would have benefited influencersproduct placement specialists.

Kévin Guedj back with the Marseillais?

More than its presence in Qatar, it is the appearance of Kevin Guedjwith his old friends who annoyed the internet users. Last year, the father of Ruby actually decided to distance yourself from candidatespreferring to side with his wife Carla Moreau.

“I realized that Kevin Guedj he supported Carl during his war with the clan of Marseilles just to say that he’s a good guy, because the way he hastened to return with the Marseillais clan it’s incredible he was never loyal this guy” deplores a user.

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The Marseillais paid handsomely to attend the World Cup in Qatar? A blogger swings…

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