The France team at the heart of rumors and controversies

The French Football Federation is now the subject of an investigation by So Foot. Rumors are flying everywhere. Sex scandals targeting Noël Le Graët, the Pogba affair, the return of Zidane to the France team, etc. The FFF is in crisis.

It is therefore an extremely tense return to school for the French. Even if the coach Didier Deschamps wants to be reassuring, the general situation seems far from being in good shape.

The Pogba Affair

Two months from the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the FFF finds itself at the heart of many controversies. Some names of French players are linked to rumours. The France team continues to make the headlines. Crowned world champions in 2018, the Blues also arouse the interest of sports bettors. Discover here the best sports betting bonuses.

The Pogba affair is one of the major controversies currently shaking French football. Indeed, this footballer would be the supposed victim of an extortion attempt. One of the racketeers is said to be his own brother Mathias Pogba.

Added to this are suspicions of witchcraft on the person of Kylian Mbappé. Pogba would thus be suspected of having called on a wizard to cast a spell on him. He denied his suspicions. However, this case did not impact relations between Mbappé and Pogba. The two footballers still get along just as well and respect each other.

Right to the image of Kylian Mbappé

According to the press release published on September 19, 2022, Kylian Mbappé boycotted the official photo session with the France team. This was scheduled for September 20, 2022. The number 10 of the Blues wanted to have image rights linking the Blues to the FFF. Its purpose is to have the possibility of choosing the sponsors/brands to which its image is assimilated.

It is a first victory that is announced for Kylian Mbappé. Following conclusive discussions between the various officials, the FFF undertakes to revise the agreement as soon as possible. The old agreement stipulated that the sponsors of the FFF had the right to use the images of international footballers. It now remains to know the rules established for the future convention.

Sex scandal within the FFF

The FFF is the subject of new complaints which question several leaders of the French round ball. The independent journalist Romain Molina reports serious dysfunctions within the institution.

It appears that the Federation would have been silent on complaints of sexual abuse of minors. This would have taken place within the Clairefontaine training center itself and for about forty years. The survey called “40 years of silence” was published on a Norwegian news platform.

One of the major complaints concerns the president of the federation, Noël le Graët. According to several testimonies, the latter, with other leaders of the FFF, would have kept silent several cases of sexual assault. Some players and also some players were minors at the time of the events, which date back to 2011.

One of the scandals refers to the case of Angélique Roujas, dismissed from her post in 2013 for a gap qualified as serious. This former trainer was responsible for taking charge of the women’s section, within the Clairefontaine center. She is accused of having sex with underage players.

The investigation also highlights the case of David San José, the former educational manager of Clairefontaine. He was sacked after behaving inappropriately towards a player. He was also 13 years old.

The Aminata Diallo vs. Kheira Hamraoui case

Kheira Hamraouia was attacked in Chatou en Yvelines on November 4, 2021. She was beaten in the legs with iron bars by two men. It was after a team meal that the attack occurred, under the eyes of Aminata Diallo.

The shocks of blows have turned Kheira Hamraoui’s program upside down to ensure the 2021-2022 season. With sutures, she ended up in the hot seat, despite the specificity of her contract until 2023. She is now reinstated in the PSG team.

In addition, footballer Aminata Diallo is accused of having ordered the attack. She was released but remains under judicial supervision. According to investigators, it has been proven that Aminata Diallo was not a fan of her club partner. She saw it as an obstacle to her sporting momentum.

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The France team at the heart of rumors and controversies

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