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In the latest episodes of the reality show The Fifty, the candidate Maeva Ghennam has been accused on several occasions of having been favored by the production. This time, the young woman would have cheated during an eliminatory test. We take stock.

For several days, a new reality TV show has emerged on the W9 channel, produced by the same team as the people of Marseilles : the fifty. Indeed, fifty emblematic candidates from the world of reality TV live in a community and have chosen to compete in different events to try to win the adventure and earn money for one of their subscribers. If some have already been eliminated after only a few episodes, others persist and strategies are born as the adventure progresses and clans are formed. However, since the start of the broadcast, some Internet users and reality TV candidates have not failed to accuse the production of favoritism towards the star of the program, Maeva Ghennam.

Indeed, it was Safia Alba, the sister of Milla Jasmine who had spoken on this subject: “I noticed like a good number of viewers on the elimination of 50 in terms of votes. Why Maeva is the only one where the number of votes was not announced oddly… When you do the math, she also had 15 votes just like Milla, Amélie, Greg… She should have ended up tied with the other three, so in the hot seat, and potentially eliminated, she said. If Maeva Ghennam had spoken about these accusations, the rumors continued about the young woman from Marseille.

Overwhelming evidence against Maeva Ghennam?

Recently, a new controversy has surfaced about Maeva Ghennam on the show The Fifty. Indeed, during a test that was played in pairs, the candidates had the task of stacking books on the head of their pair, but without touching the previous books. Only, an image of Maeva Ghennam which touches one of the books has emerged on social networks. But why has this event caused so much talk? As viewers have seen, other candidates – Adrien and Maxime – have been eliminated for making the supposed same mistake. But concerning Maeva Ghennam, this fault would not have been noted by the production… Faced with these accusations, a source close to the latter would have liked to make things clear.

In a story posted by the Instagram account Mayamotvwe learn that there was ultimately no cheating on the part of the candidate of the Marseilles : “It was from the 3ᵉ book that they no longer had to touch the previous books. So the episode of the day before and not today’s. If you look closely at episode 7, when they put their 2ᵉ book, many touch the previous book. For the first votes, I agree that the calculations were not good. But there is no cheating, can we read. So, lie or simple truth?

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The Fifty: Maeva Ghennam suspected of having cheated? A controversial sequence – X Gossip

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