Doctor Strange 2: the screenwriter teases the influence of the character of Charlize Theron in the sequel

Since May 4, 2022, fans can finally embark on the universe of the multiverse through Doctor Strange 2. One of the film’s two post-credits scenes introduced us the character soon to be embodied by Charlize Theron. The screenwriter of the film reveals the influence of this heroine in the continuation of the adventures of Stephen Strange.

Beware of the spoilers that will follow on Doctor Strange 2. If you do not want to discover the plot of the film before seeing it in the cinema, we advise you to stop reading this article.

Doctor Strange 2 the screenwriter teases the influence of the

Doctor Strange 2an action-packed movie

Highly anticipated by MCU fans, Doctor Strange 2 has been showing in all cinemas in France since May 4th. From its launch, Sam Raimi’s film could boast of its excellent results at the box office. The opportunity for fans to find a Stephen Strange slightly disturbed by the events in Spider-Man: No Way Home. His destiny will be further shaken up when he does meeting America Chavez, a heroine well known to comic book lovers who is pursued by a terrible identity…

As the ex-Sorcerer Supreme and America Chavez join forces throughout the plot facing Wanda who has become Scarlet Witch since she entered into connection with the Darkhold, Miss America finally manages to reason with the witch. At the end of the story, everything is a priori back to normal, but the first post-credits scene suggests many things for the rest of the adventures of Stephen Strange…

Indeed, a third eye appears on the forehead of Doctor Strange! But what was the surprise of the spectators when the latter is joined by Cléa, a new protagonist freshly landed in the MCU as Charlize Theron! The latter invites him to follow her to repair the incursion he has created. In the comics, Clea is one of the most ambiguous characters in the Marvel franchise. If she was first presented as theone of the inhabitants of the Dark Dimension and the niece of its rulerthe fearsome demon Dormammu, she eventually rebelled against her family and joined Doctor Strange as a as a student of witchcraft and an ally against evil.


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Marvel comics fans also know her as love interests of stephen strange, and the fact that he ended his relationship with Christina in Doctor Strange 2 thus foreshadows another romance to come. This is what Michael Waldron, the screenwriter of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Near Vanity Fairhe indulged in some confidences concerning the influence of the character of Cléa in the next adventures of Stephen Strange.

He first admitted that he was extremely happy with his introduction to the MCU before adding: “Clea was Strange’s counterpart in the comics for a long time. She’s an incredible witch. She’s also his great love, she’s his wife at one point. He was able to face his fears and not to be afraid to love someone or to let someone love him. I think this is the perfect place for him to be mentally ready to open up to Cleawho is going to be a very important figure in his life going forward.”

You have understood it, the screenwriter therefore suggests the future romance between Clea and Strangewhich means that Charlize Theron could lend her features to the character for a certain amount of time.

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Doctor Strange 2: the screenwriter teases the influence of the character of Charlize Theron in the sequel

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