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Elden Ring’s Sellia, Town of Sorcery is a mysterious location along the eastern edge of Aeonia Swamp in Caelid. It is filled with mystery magic sealsblocking your way to the plague church.

The city itself is home to many magical wonders: Glistening Stone Lusat Staff, the Staff of Loss, and the Cerulean Tear Scarab Helm, to name a few. Follow this walkthrough to unlock Sellia’s secrets and acquire powerful weapons, sorceries, and more.


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Gowry’s Hut

To reach Sellia, simply follow the main road through Caelid that winds around the Aeonia Swamp, and it will lead you to the gates of Sellia. Just before entering the town, you will come across a nondescript shack on the right side of the road – Gowry’s Shack. Whereas Sage Gowry is primarily the first step in Millicent’s questline, speaking with him and defeating Commander O’Neil at his request will earn you the item: Sellia’s Secret. In it, Gowry details how to break Sellia’s magic seals.


Note given by Sage Gowry detailing the secrecy he promised. The City of Sellia hides the source. Light three flames at the top of the candles to break the seal.

With that out of the way, continue north to enter Sellia, city of witchcraft.

Loot the streets

Before looking for candle towers, loot the streets of Sellia.

Walk down the central avenue of the city. On your right, you will see a red board in the ruins of an old building. Interact with him to acquire the Painting “Red Horsehair”.

Continuing down the street, you will find a stairs running west, away from the city. Go down these stairs until you reach the Sellia Under-Stair Grace Site. From there, run north through the ruins until you see a crumbled ruin containing a corpse with an item on it. A plague dog hides on the other side. Loot the corpse to receive Spirit Ash: Rotten stray ashes.

You will also find a poison fat in one of the alleys to the east of the city.

Finally, head north on the main avenue until you reach the stairway at the north end of town. At the top of the stairs, you’ll find a magic seal blocking your way out of town with a golden seed.

First candle tower

  • From the Golden Seed, look southwest and you will see the first candle tower.
  • From broken railing in frontjump onto the large makeshift root bridge and follow it up the ladder to the candle tower.
  • Climb up and light the first candle.

From the top of the first candle tower, look down and north; you’ll spot an object on a railing in a nearby building – Parkour your way to find the loss stick.

Second candle turn

  • Return to the stairs at north end of town. Stop on the landing halfway up the stairs and turn around. You can see the second candle tower in the distance.
  • Jump on the improvised root bridge and climb on a nearby roof.
  • Go through the root to the next building and grab another fortune root bridge to the adjacent roof.
  • From this roof, face south and descend to a slightly lower root with a chimney above.
  • Jump on the adjacent roof with a root growing on the right side. Run to the root and continue through the rooftops to the south.
  • Defeat (or knock out) the Puppet soldier on the roof, then on the south side of the roof, jump to the next improvised root bridge.

Follow this, and you will find a brilliant white teardrop beetle. This beetle will be teleport around if you try to attack him at close range. Attack it using spells or a ranged weapon. It will continue to teleport between its original location, the nearby roof, and another nearby branch whenever it is hit. Hit him three times, and he’ll fall Ashes of War: Double Slash.

From the makeshift root bridge, face to the east. You will see the second tower in front of you. Follow the branches, fungal growths, and roofs to reach the second tower.

Third candle turn

After lighting the second candle, you should be able to see the path to the third tower from this vantage point. Simply descend along the roots and roofs, stopping for the Stone Sword Key along the way, then climb the ladder to the third and final candle.

The seals are broken

Once all three candles are lit, the city’s magic seals are removed. This includes the three seals in town (indicated on the map above), plus the boss arena at the northwest end of the city and the northern exit of the city leading to the plague church.

  • Go back down and loot the three chests that were hidden behind the seals in town.
  • The first seal on the west side of the city contains +1 Spell Talisman.
  • The second seal in the middle of the city contains Sorcery Nocturnal Comet.
  • The third seal on the east side of the city contains Imbued Sword Key.

The last item in town: Cerulean Tear Scarab

From the second candle tower, head north through the rooftops. You’ll see an object on a rooftop in the distance, near the stairs on the north side of town.

Nox Swordsman and Nox Priest

The seal located at the North West The end of the town is now removed, revealing a golden boss mist beyond. Inside you will meet a Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest. These enemies aren’t too difficult, but the room is relatively small, so try to tackle them one at a time. The Swordstress uses a whip shaped swordso she can hit from a surprising distance, and the Nox Priest mostly cast spells of range. They don’t have a deep health pool, so you should have no trouble defeating the duo.

In case of defeat, you will get 6,400 runes and the Flowing Sword of Nox (the weapon the Nox Swordstress used in battle). You will also find a chest at the back of the room, which will contain Glintston’s Staff of Lusatone of the most powerful staffs in the game. Be careful, although it increases damage with sorceries, it increases FP cost of all sorceries.

Now that you’ve completed Sellia Town of Sorcery, you can exit the north side of town, climb the stairs, and past the Gold Seed location to find the The streets of Sellia site of grace beyond. Continue on this winding path to reach the plague church and continue Millicent’s questline.

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Sellia Witchcraft City Guide TechRadar

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