Miss France 2023: stunning audience for Indira Ampiot (Miss Guadeloupe) and her election on TF1?

TF1 broadcast this Saturday, December 17, 2022 the ceremony of miss France . About thirty young women claimed the coveted title, to succeed Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022. Jean Pierre Foucault therefore began the revelations of the candidates before the jury chaired by Francis Huster. The former actor of the series Here it all starts was accompanied among others by Berangere Krief, Marine Orphan, Arnaud Ducret and Kendji Girac among others.

A cinema parade for Miss France

The first ten Misses made their cinema for the first table. Jean Pierre Foucault therefore slipped into the skin ofElton John the time of the presentation of the sequence. Then the ten other young women performed witchcraft in the direction of Hogwarts. Finally, the last ten candidates marched through the Marvel universe. Subsequently, fifteen participants were selected.

During the show, Sylvie Tellier gave a hand to Cindy Fabré, Miss France 2005, for the rest of the contest. Miss France 2022 will assume the role of honorary president. Five favorites were chosen by viewers and the jury, such as Miss Auvergne, Miss Franche-Comté, Miss Guadeloupe, Miss Martinique and Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

An accession to the throne until the end of the night on TF1

At the end of the parade in evening dress, Francis Huster, Sylvie Tellier and Cindy Fabré accompanied Jean Pierre Foucault in reporting the results. And so it’s around 0:50 thatIndira AmpiotMiss Guadeloupe, won the long-awaited crown of Miss France 2023. She succeeds Diane Leyre and will be the beauty queen representing our country for one year.

The first part of the ceremony, broadcast from 9:13 p.m. to 11:51 p.m., attracted 7.11 million people, or 37.2% of the audience share among people four years old and over. Then from 11:53 p.m. to 12:51 a.m., the show attracted 5.67 million night owls, or 54.5% of the public. It’s a stunning audience for the beauty pageant. Subsequently, the documentary Miss France objective: from dream to reality won 693,000 followers until 2:30 a.m., or 20.3% market share.

Monitoring of Miss France election audiences since 2003
Season Viewers PDAs 4+
Miss France 2003
9.2 million
Miss France 2004
8.3 million
Miss France 2005
8.8 million
Miss France 2006
9.3 million
Miss France 2007
9.4 million
Miss France 2008
8.2 million
Miss France 2009
8.1 million
Miss France 2010
7.9 million
Miss France 2011
6.9 million
Miss France 2012
7.7 million
Miss France 2013
8.1 million
Miss France 2014
8.2 million
Miss France 2015
8.5 million
Miss France 2016
7.9 million
Miss France 2017
7.4 million
Miss France 2018
7.4 million
Miss France 2019
7.4 million
Miss France 2020
6.9 million
Miss France 2021
8.6 million
Miss France 2022
7.3 million
Miss France 2023
7.1 million

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Miss France 2023: stunning audience for Indira Ampiot (Miss Guadeloupe) and her election on TF1?

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