Conan Exiles adds dark sorcery to savage survival

In Conan Exilesyou must survive the savage Exiled Lands, explore dark ruins that echo death, and transform your shelter into a mighty fortress to dominate your enemies in single-player, co-op, or multiplayer mode.

With today’s free update, the biggest since launch, we’re adding something integral to the Conan the Barbarian: Sorcery universe. The The age of witchcraft also adds a complete overhaul of attributes and perks, as well as an all-new build interface and creative mode that makes building easier than ever, especially on a controller.

To celebrate this milestone, Conan Exiles will be free to try from September 8-11, even if you don’t have Game Pass.

Begin your journey into darkness, learning sorceries, making sacrifices and corrupting your life force. Read on to find out what awaits you on this dark path, and what makes witchcraft Conan Exiles so different.


A darker shade of magic

Witchcraft in Conan Exiles is not your traditional high-fantasy magic. It’s an insidious and creeping affair, requiring sacrifice, preparation and a pinch of madness. Our goal from the beginning has been to balance the authenticity of Robert E. Howard’s stories with fun and satisfying gameplay.

Rather than shooting enemies with fireballs, you’ll conjure up thick darkness to terrify them. With the power of sacrificial blood, towering demons will bend to your will after you drag them from their realm to yours. But be careful, because each time you grasp dark sorcery, a small amount flows through you, corrupting your life force.


Power demands sacrifice

The more corrupted you become, the less health and stamina you will have, and the more your body will appear withered, with a tangle of black veins writhing across your skin. This is the price of witchcraft. But corruption also brings rewards. Some spells require a certain amount of Corruption to cast, so to be a master of all sorcery, you need to sacrifice more.

Your Strength, Vitality, and Authority attributes can be imbued with Corruption, giving you access to powerful Corruption Boons if you invest enough, and the first Corruption Boon you get in each of these attributes will get stronger as you go. that you will corrupt the attribute.


Rituals are the artisanal element of sorcery that requires preparation and the right circumstances. Build a sacrificial stone to draw the blood of slaves, then use that blood in your summoning circle to produce demonic armor and weapons.

Sorcerers are known and feared for their apparent ability to be in many places at once. With the new Sorcery Crafting Stations, you can teleport between portals you’ve set up across the Exiled Lands. You can also summon a winged monstrosity to transport you across the sky.

A New Age of Conan’s Exiles

With all these changes, exploring and surviving the Exiled Lands is more exciting than ever. The new dynamics and interactions added by Sorcery will make for unforgettable player encounters that we look forward to witnessing.

It’s a new era for Conan Exilesand we look forward to continuing to develop the game.

Conan Exiles and the The age of witchcraft The updates are available now with Xbox Game Pass and can be tried for free from August 8-11. Get the latest news and join the community on the official website, Twitterand Facebook.

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Conan Exiles adds dark sorcery to savage survival

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