Maisie Williams traumatized: the secrets very difficult of the star of Game of Thrones on his relationship with his father

On Monday September 26, actress Maisie Williams gave an exclusive interview to The Diary of a CEO. In the podcast, she opened up about her complicated relationship with her father and the traumas of her childhood.

Revealed in 2011 in the hit series Game Of ThronesMaisie Williams performed the role of Arya Stark for eight seasons. At only 25 years old, the actress has known a meteoric rise, while suffering from identity, anxiety and mental health issues as a child and young adult. Monday September 26, the young woman usually very discreet about her private life confided in the podcast The Diary of a CEO. She came back to trauma of his childhood.

When Maisie Williams was 4 months old, her parents separated. Growing up, the little girl began to develop a relationship “traumatic” with her father. The latter then had repercussions since she “consumed a large part of [son] childhood“. If she did not want to reveal too much, because it also affects his two brothers and his sistershe confided:As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had trouble sleeping, and I don’t think I realized the seriousness of many of the traumatic things that were happening. But, when I looked at the other children, I wondered: ‘Why don’t they seem to understand the pain, the anguish or the fear? Where does their joy come from?“.

Maisie Williams opened up for the first time at school

At the age of 8, Maisie Williams was finally able to express herself about what she was going through at home, in confiding in his teachers for the first time. The latter had indeed noticed that something was wrong and took him aside to question him. “They knew how to ask the right questions (…) It was the first time that all the doors were open and that everything I was experiencing was spread out on the table” she revealed before continuing: “I wanted to fight and say these things weren’t bad, people were just trying to get me away from my dad.“.

If she recognizes today to have been “somehow indoctrinated“, Sophie Turner’s best friend confessed that it took her several years to understand what was really going on and to make the decision to cut ties with his father. “JI’ve thought a lot about this. It’s not because of me that these bad things happened when I was a child. I thought it was. I thought there was something inherently wrong with me” she confessed.

Today Maisie Williams admitted that her traumatic childhood still had an impact on her and on his construction as an adult. The young actress who was indoctrinated by her father also confessed that she struggled to understand how he could “abuse their own children“. A particularly difficult test for the brilliant young woman.

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Maisie Williams traumatized: the secrets very difficult of the star of Game of Thrones on his relationship with his father

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