Denunciations, attacks, accusations, witchcraft trials… Since the publication of the list of Yewwi Askaan Wi, the greatest force in the opposition, recriminations have been flying everywhere and risk causing this coalition to implode, which nevertheless aims to impose cohabitation on the president. of the Republic following the legislative elections on 31st July next!

In the aftermath of the withdrawal of the mayor of Grand Yoff, Madiop Diop, it is attacks, accusations and others that we have been witnessing since yesterday Wednesday, May 11, 2022 within the Yewwi Askaan Wi coalition. Disappointed people who spit their venom on Ousmane Sonko, Khalifa Sall, Déthié Fall and others.

Among those disappointed, we find AG/Jotna of master Moussa Diop, the PNG (New Generation Party) of Mamadou Lamine Thiam, Appel 3J of Mrs Aminata Lo Dieng, Bess du Ñak of Serigne Mansour Sy Djamil, the CREDI of professor Hamidou Dathe, Djibril Diop’s FPRS etc. Let’s not throw any more! • FSD-BJ by Cheikh Bamba Dieye, SET by Moustapha Mamba Guirassy and PARE SUXXALI SENEGAL by Abdou Karim Fall. These signatories of a declaration and members of the Yewwi Askan Wi coalition say they reject with the utmost energy the “undemocratic, non-transparent and tinged with ostracism procedure with which the investitures of Yewwi Askan Wi were made”.

Indeed, according to them, partisan spirit and political calculations would have prevailed during this exercise and the values ​​of solidarity, sharing, justice and equity, which are enshrined in the charter of this coalition, would have been flouted by a “Stalinist spirit, clannish cronyism which has caused a minority to arrogate to itself all elective positions, relegating parties and leaders who, through their credibility, their representativeness and their combativeness, have built the attractive ecosystem that the Yewwi Askan Wi coalition. “This coalition is a common work. A co-construction to offer Senegalese a better quality of life, more justice and transparency in public governance. It must remain a platform of solidarity where all stakeholders will be treated with respect and consideration since we have agreed together that the achievements of each political formation will be preserved and even valued. Unfortunately, the list of Yewwi Askan Wi for the legislative elections is at odds with the values ​​that we claim. The procedure for its establishment violated the principles of transparency. This list betrayed the foundations of our organization. It awakens the old demons of politics. A tortuous, iniquitous and hegemonic spirit which is not tolerable in a coalition like ours which has awakened the immense hope of a bright future for all Senegalese. When opposition political actors are capable of such abuse, one can legitimately be worried about their ability to implement the legitimate expectations of the Senegalese people so that equity, merit and competence are at the heart of public governance”, vigorously denounce the 9 signatory parties of the press release published yesterday.

According to them, the debate they raise is not a quarrel of positions or precedence. It bears, according to Moustapha Mamba Guirassy and others, on the substance, on the sincerity of the commitment of their companions within YAW and on their ability to comply with it. The deep reason for their statement, they assure, would be an alert to all Senegalese so that they can witness the sincerity and patriotic character of their approach. The 9 signatory parties continue by stressing that they are eminent members of the opposition and that their anchoring in Yewwi Askan Wi does not suffer from any dispute. They say they have made the choice for years to fight against the “despotic regime of Macky Sall”.

“We cannot accept that the behaviors that we denounce every day become the favorite weapons of a part of Yewwi to enslave a coalition for political ends”

“This is why we cannot accept that the behaviors that we denounce every day become the favorite weapons of a part of Yewwi to enslave for political ends a coalition which must be at the service of Senegal and its greatness. We refuse to support this drift which runs counter to the political ethics and solidarity which brought us together. Tomorrow in power, it will be the source of many inconveniences such as nepotism, clientelism and corruption. It is this fight of principle that we intend to carry out in the Coalition Yewwi Askan Wi and nowhere else. We will never accept that the frustration, the ras-le-bol of the Senegalese are captured by politicians to serve a hegemonic purpose. We are meeting the Senegalese at the press conference that we intend to hold this Friday, May 2022, 13 at the headquarters of the FSD-BJ located at BOPP rue 4 number 130 at 11 a.m. Long live Yewwi Askan Wi Long live Senegal…”, concluded the 9 signatory parties of yesterday’s declaration.

ME MOUSSA DIOP: “Khalifa Sall is a grudge and his accomplice is Ousmane Sonko”

The leader of Generational Alternation / Jotna did not hide behind his little finger to tell his truths. In a statement also published yesterday, Me Moussa Diop said he regretted that the criteria which had been adopted by consensus and linked to the competence and ability of leaders to positively influence the vote of Senegalese people because of their commitment and their image positive for a National Assembly of rupture are flouted by Khalifa Ababacar Sall who is, according to him, the only agent who enjoys the confidence of his peers to make the lists. According to the former director general of the public transport company Dakar Dem Dikk, this (Editor’s note, his ranking in an ineligible place) simply shows that the former mayor of Dakar has a grudge against him since his exit on the situation linked to the so-called cash advance case. “Since his setbacks in the case of the cash advance, he has never digested my truthful position on his lightness in the management of these funds and more recently on his ineligibility in the face of his desire to lead the national proportional list. He is resentful: I will not appear on the lists, Me Moussa Diop, either, ”denounces the former ally of the President of the Republic.

The leader of the Alternative Générationnelle mocks, moreover, the leader of Pastef whom he accuses of complicity: “I sent him a message just like Khalifa Sall. But they did not react after reading the message. According to Me Moussa Diop, the time to face the “forfeiture of a band of friends with hidden agendas” has arrived. Assuring that his political ambitions for 2024 are still intact, the leader of the Generational Alternative / JOTNA invites activists and supporters not to be entertained and to work to save this country from the “Sambaay Bacc”… Yewwi Askan Wi is definitely in turmoil!

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