Harry Potter gift ideas: here’s how to treat any fan this Christmas

News good plan Harry Potter gift ideas: here’s how to treat any fan this Christmas

Harry Potter is one of the most lucrative licenses in Pop Culture, and we’re not surprised. Since the 2000s, the world of Hogwarts and sorcerer’s apprentices continues to inspire dreams. We all know a fan of this universe – a Potterhead – and if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for him, our selection should interest you.

Finding gift ideas to delight a fan of the license is not very complicated since the universe is found in an incalculable number of derivative products. Where things get tough is when it comes to doing a first sorting!

Here are the products and accessories that we have selected for our special Harry Potter Christmas selection!

the Funko Pop Deluxe Harry Potter

Slightly lowered in price for Christmas, this Funko Pop will speak to the greatest nostalgics since it represents Harry, pushing his luggage, at the 9 ¾ station in the direction of the Hogwarts Express.

The figurine is ideal for decorating a desk or a bedside table since its dimensions are exactly 6.35 x 6.35 x 9.53 cm. On Amazon, we find it at the price of 38€ instead of 42.88€.

Buy the Funko Pop! Deluxe Harry Potter at 38€ at Amazon

The board game Harry Potter – A year at Hogwarts

Harry Potter gift ideas: here's how to treat any fan this Christmas

This board game to discover for up to 8 players will allow you to immerse yourself in the heart of Hogwarts in the shoes of a student of witchcraft. The goal is simple: collect as many points as possible for your house in order to win the Four House Cup.

For this, you will have to accomplish a certain number of missions within the castle of Hogwarts and its surroundings, but also to pass the exams which await you in the classrooms. Currently on Amazon, it is priced at €29.70 instead of €34.99.

The Harry Potter – A Year at Hogwarts board game consists of:

  • 1 main game board
  • 3 additional trays
  • 210 cards
  • 30 “mission” cards
  • 60 “four house cup” tokens
  • 36 object tokens
  • 20 Floo powder tokens
  • 10 Portkey tokens
  • 15 character sheets
  • 15 pawns

Buy the Harry Potter board game for €29.70 at Amazon

The LEGO Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter gift ideas: here's how to treat any fan this Christmas

Impossible for us to give you a list of recommendations on the Harry Potter universe without mentioning a LEGO set. There are a whole lot of LEGO sets on this license, but this one presents a particularly interesting promotion as Christmas approaches.

The LEGO Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is currently €111.99 at Cdiscount instead of €149.99.

With 1,176 pieces, this set offers a rewarding building experience and is suitable for ages 9 and up. Among its strengths are a dozen figurines to transcribe the emblematic scenes of the cinematographic saga: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Tom Riddle, Colin Creevey, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Luna Lovegood and many others.

Buy the LEGO Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at €111.99 at Cdiscount

See the entire Harry Potter collection on the official LEGO website

The Harry Potter electronic chess game to finally get started!

Harry Potter gift ideas: here's how to treat any fan this Christmas

The mini-series Le Jeu de la Dame on Netflix inspired more than one two years ago. For some, the hype has not died down and they are still trying to start learning the game. Well note that Lexibook is offering to get their hands on an electronic chess game bearing the image of the Harry Potter license!

The pieces are faithful to those seen in the first movie of the universe and the 64 diodes arranged under the squares of the chessboard light up to be able to learn the rules or play against the AI. Complete and scalable you will have 64 levels of difficulty (including 5 dedicated to beginners) to practice and progress.

At Amazon, this Harry Potter chess set is currently priced at €67.15 instead of €99.99.

Buy Harry Potter Chess Set for 67.15 at Amazon

More books or movies? Both integrals are available and delivered to your home before Christmas!

Harry Potter gift ideas: here's how to treat any fan this Christmas

Are books really better than movies or vice versa? This heated debate is still causing a lot of fuss even today, even if the fans of the first hour will tend to agree on the books. But all tastes are in nature and fortunately: the world would be very sad if we were all the same.

The Christmas period being what it is, we invite you to immerse yourself in the Harry Potter saga with the complete Blu-Ray or the entire literary and written collection imagined by JK Rowling!

Buy the complete Harry Potter Blu Ray with bonus for €48.58 at Amazon

Buy the complete literary Harry Potter (volumes 1 to 7) at 85.90€ at Amazon

Hogwarts Legacy: the pre-order video game on PS5 is already at a reduced price!

Harry Potter gift ideas: here's how to treat any fan this Christmas

Hogwarts Legacy is a role-playing game that puts you in the shoes of a 19th century Hogwarts student. You will be assigned to a house between Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin by the Sorting Hat.

Then you can freely explore Hogwarts, attend classes and thus forge a career in wizardry. The game is released on February 23, 2023, so it will arrive after Christmas. But nothing prevents you from offering it to a Potterhead friend with a pretty greeting card at the foot of the tree.

Also, don’t hesitate to follow the news about the game on JV since the editorial staff regularly offers you articles about the game as new elements of the game are revealed to us.

In any case, the game on PS5 is already priced at €69.99 instead of €79.99 for pre-order!

Buy Hogwarts Legacy on PS5 for €69.99 at Amazon

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Harry Potter gift ideas: here’s how to treat any fan this Christmas

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