Accused of witchcraft, a cowardly murdered peasant in Bayonnais


Unidentified individuals lynched Panousa Louis, better known as Touta, on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, in Petite-Rivière de Bayonnais, 3rd communal section of Gonaïves. Justice has not yet revealed the motive for the crime, of course, but citizens, who confided in Le National, confirm that the victim, 67, was accused of witchcraft and had been the subject of death threats for years. chandeliers.

For some time now, killing and kidnapping in broad daylight have become acceptable in Petite-Rivière de Bayonnais, especially in Cathor. Indeed, around eight o’clock in the morning, unidentified individuals killed Touta last Tuesday with machetes. The crime took place precisely in the locality of Cathor, located east of Saint-Michel-de-l’Attalaye, according to sources compiled by our editorial staff.

The judicial authorities have not yet revealed the motive for this homicide. However, according to information available to us, the victim was accused of witchcraft. “It’s not an open secret. This crime is the result of a well-orchestrated marginalization campaign against Touta,” said a citizen requesting anonymity, adding that this murder must not go unpunished. “The population of Bayonnais, he encourages, must collaborate with the Haitian justice system in order to track down the perpetrators of this crime and impose penalties on them in accordance with the law. »

In a photo that has gone viral on social networks, we could see that the alleged assassins had time to decapitate the victim, then throw his naked body into an irrigation canal. However, a few steps from the crime scene are several houses, a road and a very busy river. Clues which, according to the words of some citizens, show how the population of Bayonnais is cowardly and complicit. “It’s a well-conceived coup with the complicity of members of the population”, murmur citizens who seem deeply shocked and saddened.

During a telephone interview, Wallace Manassé, coordinator of the Board of Directors of the communal section (CASEC) of Bayonnais, who said he was dismayed, condemned this heinous crime with the utmost rigor and asked the courts to make known any the truth on this issue in order to restore confidence within the Bayonne population. But, to do this, the first citizen of the section calls for a frank collaboration of the population. “Abandoned by the central state, my administration, like those of all the communal sections of the country, has no financial and repressive means to help citizens who are in danger. To avoid the deterioration of the security climate in Bayonnais, the involvement of the entire population is a condition sine qua non “, declared Mr. Manassé, promising that the perpetrators of this act will be apprehended and brought before the competent judicial authorities. “After the legal report drawn up by the Justice of the Peace René Pierre, three people, he confirmed, were arrested as part of an investigation carried out around this assassination. »

In Bayonnais, these criminal practices are not new. Indeed, on November 5, 2004, Ti Sise, father of two young girls, was abducted from his home, then tortured and beheaded in plain sight by unhooded bandits, in the cemetery of “Bonyòl” located in Bas-Bayonnais. , Loubert Corvil reminds us. A year later, clearly identified individuals lynched, in broad daylight, Filéus Morinvil, accused of having taken the life of a young boy through evil practices.

In 2020, Bwèt Lele, a young voodoo, samba and drummer, was beaten with a stick, then strangled in the open air by thugs. Again, during the month of December 2021, Roro, a popular public transport driver providing the Bayonnais-l’Estère-Pont-Sondé route, was kidnapped around six in the morning, in Ravine-à-Couleuvres, in presence of several dozen of its passengers, then released for ransom after several days of confinement. On the night of June 23 to 24, 2021, two people were killed and several others injured by gunshots, during the patronal feast of Capity, another town in Bayonnais. Residents of this locality have pointed to the former bodyguards of Enock Géné Génélus, former departmental delegate of Artibonite, as the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

To date, justice has not yet apprehended any alleged assassin. The Bayonnais population is also silent in the face of these criminal acts. Faced with this, Wallace Manassé says he believes that apart from any religious denomination and differences of opinion, the fight for respect for privacy and the security of the person in Haiti must be one of the main common causes. of all Haitians. Otherwise, the climate of insecurity and the machine of impunity, he warns, will end up hitting all Haitian citizens.

Wilner Jean

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Accused of witchcraft, a cowardly murdered peasant in Bayonnais

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