Black Witchcraft: Asian Gothic ARPG Game Delayed After Recently Revealing Its Release Date

South Korean developer Quattro Gear and publisher CREST have announced the postponement of their long-awaited ARPG. Black Witchcraft has been delayed.

The game won’t launch on September 8 but later in the month on September 27 on Windows PC (via Steam). A console release is also planned later, on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The original date of Black Witchcraft was confirmed a few weeks ago, after an 8-year wait since the game was initially announced.

Luckily, it’s not a long delay and it looks like it’s meant to improve the game. Black Witchcraft. However, the fact that such a long-awaited game finally gets a release date only to be postponed soon after is kind of funny.

The last witch hunters, House Usher, were doomed. In the house, “Lenore”, the powerful witch had been locked away, never to be released again.

Roderick Usher, the last head of the family, has gone mad after succumbing to Lenore’s power. He had no mercy for anyone or anything that stood in his way, even his little sister Madeline Usher. As she was about to die, she was led away by the Raven who wanted to help stop Roderick’s madness. Madeline was taken to High Witch Ligeia, the legendary witch who possessed the power of Black Witchcraft.

Become Ligeia and embark on an epic journey. The legendary witch has awakened from a long slumber and is now ready to slaughter her foes with the suitcase of demonic power, Dullahan.

Only you can infiltrate the cursed haunted house, guarded by the demons Roderick summoned. You must put an end to Roderick Usher’s madness in order to prevent Lenore from being resurrected.


Various characters surround the secrets of House Usher and Black Witchcraft. Save them from danger and unravel the mystery of the Haunted House by conversing with them.

Ancient rituals of mystical witchcraft to resuscitate the souls of the dead in corpses.
The witch hunter’s pendulum to defeat intruders.
Pluto, the black cat who howls behind the walls.
A lookalike named William Wilson.
The ball of the dead, where the red masks wait.
Hopfrog the Dwarf, and the Tar Monsters.
The Raven of Nevermore.

This eerie and spooky haunted house is based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, and has been hand drawn in high resolution in a vivid 2D style.

Gothic images will draw you into this unique world.

Classic side-scrolling action RPG gameplay. The Dullahan, a special weapon that transforms into a variety of weapons. Beautiful 2D characters, hand drawn and in high resolution. Black Witchcraft is for those who love the twisted gothic world of Edgar Allan Poe, and those who want to unravel the mysteries of the haunted house.

main Features

  • Level up by destroying demons to get essences to craft potions that will help you in battle. Distribute the stat points acquired by leveling up to improve the various stats of Ligeia.
  • Get trait points to learn new magic skills. You can enhance Ligeia’s traits by acquiring Magic Circle of Growth from Ancient Witches of the Woods, Magic Circle of Ursa Major, and Raven Constellations. Also, defeating demons.
  • Gigantic and grotesque demons stand in your way. Learn their skills, dodge their destructive attacks, defeat them and harness their power.
  • Collect ‘Stigma’, a special ability of ancient witches. By combining 30 upgraded skills in 3 slots, you can hone a variety of combat styles to suit your own playstyle.
  • 200 levels created by Annabel Lee, 9 gigantic bosses and 100 hidden levels await you!

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Black Witchcraft: Asian Gothic ARPG Game Delayed After Recently Revealing Its Release Date

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