Bayonetta 3 Reveals Sorcery Moves For Bayo And Viola In New Trailer

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Nintendo revealed a new trailer for Bayonetta 3 at today’s Direct – or, to be more precise, after that. At seven minutes, the new trailer has too much wizarding magic to contain in a Direct. It expands on the new abilities shown earlier and reveals a few more for both playable characters.

Bayonetta 3, which has been in development for ages, is set to launch on October 28. Previous trailers showed some of the gameplay, but the new trailer gives a deeper look at the options. Although they weren’t featured in the gameplay trailer, the teaser shown at the Direct implied that series characters Luka and Jeanne might also be playable.

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A gameplay feature of note common to both characters was the Immortal Puppet. This accessory allows players to activate a kind of automatic game mode, where the characters will do their combos with a single button. This is a good option to make the game more accessible to players who might struggle with more complex combos.

The ways of the witch

The trailer shows off Bayonetta’s new abilities, including her masquerade moves and new demonic summons. In her Masquerade form, Bayonetta takes on the aspect of one of her patron demons in order to deliver more powerful attacks. As one of her summons is the spider demon Phantasmaranae, this means she can transform into a giant spider. These forms can also be used for movement, as at one point she swings Spider-Man style through a gap.

Bayonetta can also summon her demon bosses to directly fight larger enemies. We’ve seen a few before, but now we have a better idea of ​​what they can do. They can not only fight on their own, but can also be summoned mid-combo to perform finishing moves. This trailer also confirms that Bayonetta can be harmed when summoned.

Suite for viola

The other star of the trailer was secondary playable character Viola. At first glance, its gameplay will be slightly different from that of Bayonetta. She activates Witch Time by blocking strikes, rather than dodging them. His only apparent weapons are his sword and magic darts. His only infernal summons seems to be his sword-bound demon, Cheshire.

When Viola summons Cheshire, she can no longer use Witch Time or her sword, but the big cat demon will be there to help keep enemies busy. In terms of gameplay, it reminds me of Nero and V both from Devil May Cry V. It’s a risky form of combat, but one that will likely result in better combo scores.

Bayonetta and Viola will face artificial demons called homunculi in the latest title. Considering the number of combat options available in the new game, pity those poor homunculi.

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Bayonetta 3 Reveals Sorcery Moves For Bayo And Viola In New Trailer

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