WoW: these three classes finally playable regardless of your race since patch 10.0

Game News WoW: these three classes finally playable regardless of your race since patch 10.0

More than a month to wait before the release of the ninth and next expansion of World of Warcraft with Dragonflight. To wait until November 30, Blizzard has already deployed a patch including an adjustment of the talent tree, a revisited interface but also the possibility of playing, for the first time, certain classes with all races.


  • WoW: 10.0 is coming, what to prepare for Dragonflight
  • WoW: with 10.0, restrictions lifted

WoW: 10.0 is coming, what to prepare for Dragonflight

Expected next November 30 at midnight French time, Dragonflight gradually spreads its wings. Indeed, the first update of the next extension of World of Warcraft was rolled out to player computers two days ago in the morning.

This is called a launch patch (or prepatch) which has been posted last Wednesday which prepares players to instantly enjoy the content expected at the end of November: a brand new zone, a level limit raised to 70, revisited professions as well as a panoply of quests and stories to follow. Patience then, even if the first phase of the launch patch launched on Wednesday should give players something to eat: World of Warcraft now welcomes a much more customizable interface than before, while the talent trees have been revised for each class and each specialization. Enough to give new ways to play your character, especially since certain levels are identical to certain legendary powers of shadowlands.

In addition, this first patch allows more options on the players concerning their characters: the classes magician, Thief and Priest are now playable by all races in the game.

WoW: with 10.0, restrictions lifted

Something that wasn’t possible in the early years of World of Warcraft for two reasons. The first is that, remember, World of Warcraft is a role-playing game. He must therefore be consistent with his own universe and that is why certain races were not predisposed to certain classes. The most telling examples are certainly those of Paladin and Shaman, respectively reserved for the Alliance or the Horde. In the same way, the classes have a strong identity and each of them is distinguished : the Druid is associated with nature, animals while the Shaman evokes the elements, reincarnation. Contextual sets that must also go the screenplay baggage of the race in question.

The second reason can quite simply be of a development order: all classes, as specified above, have a cultural identity but also a visual one. This is for example the case of Druid which has four forms (bear, moonkin, feral, and travel form, which itself is split into multiple forms) that require some art work. A similar observation can be observed with the demon hunters for example. Something that is not the case for magician, Thief and Priest but which should not be the only classes impacted. In an interview, combat design manager Brian Holinka explains why such an initiative was taken:

We want to move towards a world where a character’s race is not a limit to what they can become in World of Warcraft. (…) All this will come with time, but as of version 10.0, mages, priests and thieves will be accessible to all races.

The new additions

  • orc priest
  • Draenei Rogue
  • Lightforged Draenei Rogue
  • Tauren Mage
  • Tauren Rogue
  • Highmountain Tauren Mage
  • Highmountain Tauren Priest
  • Highmountain Tauren Thief

Something that is justified insofar as the player character is an extraordinary adventurer, who has had to rest many times to save Azeroth (and even parallel worlds). Therefore, it is logical to think that he can overcome his own fate and have the talents and abilities he wants. In any case, such a choice will not fail to cause debate.

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WoW: these three classes finally playable regardless of your race since patch 10.0

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