Dreaming of Marriage: Here’s What It Means According to Experts

Wedding veils, costumes, rings, bridesmaid dresses and other wedding pieces appear in your dreams while you sleep? Whether you’re obsessed with your wedding or that you never even thought about the idea of ​​you marryit’s your subconscious trying to send you a message.

wedding dreams represent more than just a desire to to fall in love and of make a living with someone. The weddings are highly symbolic life events that hold meaning in the subconscious of many people, whether they want to get married or not.

These nocturnal bridal visions may reflect concerns about recent changes, the site explains. Psychologies.com. They are common among those who find it difficult to commit to different areas of their lives (whether signing a work contract or moving in with someone, for example).

Dream of marriage: What possible meaning?

Dreaming of a wedding if you are actually planning one

If you recently got engaged or you are planning your wedding, it makes sense that these concerns can seep into your dreams. ” The dreams of the bride-to-be try to help her release the stress she encounters during the preparations for the big day, as well as solve all the problems before starting her new life“says dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg in the magazine Bustle.

However, these dreams may also reflect something we are afraid of. ” Dreaming of being late for your wedding is very common, simply because there are so many deadlines you have to deal with… but dreaming that something is wrong with the dress often means there is something wrong. something about yourself that you are unhappy with. Try to understand if the fear that arises in your dream is literal or if it symbolizes something deeper, such as a fear of commitment, self-esteem or confidence issues.

Dream of marriage if you are single

wedding dreams do not necessarily imply the desire to marry. They may relate more to what marriage symbolizes in our cultureas commitment. “Marriage is two people committed to each other until death do them part. To dream of a wedding if you are not planning one signifies that there is another type of commitment you are involved in in real life.“, explains Lauri Loewenberg. ” Your subconscious asks you if you are ready to keep these commitments for the long term, whatever their nature. »

Dreaming of a marriage proposal

Dream about getting engaged Where dream of being asked to marry sheds light on the doubts that hover around a commitment in your life. It could mean that you are still figuring out if you really want to get involved in something: Generally, being proposed in a dream suggests that you are thinking about something. », explains Lauri Loewenberg. ” Has anyone suggested or suggested an idea to you? Do you think about “engaging” in an activity or situation? These dreams can help our conscious mind weigh the pros and cons before embarking on a new responsibility. They help us overcome some of the fears, anxieties, and pressures of being able to accept something new.

Dream about marrying someone you are not interested in

Among all strange dreams related to marriage that can be done, one of the most troublesome is certainly tomarry someone who is not your current partner or that doesn’t interest you at all. This dream can happen if this person is important in your life in some way, or if they just pop up from your memory, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a secret crush on them.

This marriage can also draw your attention to the values ​​you admire in this person in question: “Think about the qualities that honor this person in your eyes. Maybe she does volunteer work or works for charity,” suggests Lauri Loewnberg. “This dream is probably showing you the values ​​this person embodies, in which case your subconscious is offering you the idea to be more charitable in your own life. »

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Dreaming about marrying someone other than your current partner

If you are already in a relationship with someone, dream of marrying someone else in a dream can be very disturbing…” If you already know that you are unhappy with your marriage, then yes, dreaming of marrying someone else can highlight this problem.“, admits Lauri Loewenberg.

Fortunately, this dream does not necessarily mean that you have problems in your relationship. Most often your dream spouse symbolizes the qualities you wish to marry. If you dream of marrying someone you know or someone famous, ask yourself: What three things come to mind first when you think of this person? Of these three things, at least one of them is a quality you are looking for in your ideal partner. “. In other words, this dream lover is a mirror of your subconscious desires.

What if you dream of getting married to an ex-lover ? ” Marrying an ex instead of your current partner may indicate issues buried within you that you still haven’t resolved. », explains Lauri Loewenberg. ” This dream indicates maybe you should solve them before walking towards the altar. “.

Dreaming about someone else’s wedding

Whenever you are the observer of a wedding dream rather than the participant, it is your subconscious mind drawing your attention to a situation in your life where you are not playing an active enough role. It tells you you need to get more involved than to achieve a particular goal“, explains Lauri Loewenberg. To understand which domain it is, tryanalyze your dream looking at who is getting married, what role you play in the wedding, and how you feel throughout the dream.

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Dreaming of Marriage: Here’s What It Means According to Experts

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