Tom Cruise in “Le Monde”, an unloved superstar

Top Gun: Maverick by Joseph Kosinski, is expected on screens on May 25, following its European premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Thirty-six years after the first part, signed Tony Scott, this sequel offers a new demonstration of the strength of American aviation as well as a remarkable performance by Tom Cruise, passed in a little less than four decades from the status of pilot emeritus to that of a qualified instructor.

In 1986, the actor was already identified as the most outstanding Hollywood star of his generation, a status that continued to assert itself until the mid-2000s. However, the actor’s name does not appear in The world that on February 23, 1987 in a paper mentioning the forthcoming arrival, on French screens, of The color of moneyby Martin Scorsese.

The new star co-stars with Paul Newman in this sequel to The Scammer, by Robert Rossen, where Newman reprized his role as a pool player. Tom Cruise’s name is just mentioned in passing by the review of the World Colette Godard in reference to the character embodied by the actor, “a brilliant young boy” educated in the technique of billiards by Paul Newman.

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Suffice to say that Cruise does not exist or, at least, that The world don’t wait for it. More strikingly, Tom Cruise has already made eight films before The color of moneyof which at least two – Risky Business (1983), by Paul Brickman, and Top Gun – have been smash public successes, which rests on their lead actor. However, when The world reviews these two films, the name of the actor does not appear.

“The Metamorphosis of an Actor”

On the other hand, in his criticism of the color of money, on March 11, 1987, the talent of Tom Cruise did not escape columnist Michel Braudeau: “Tom Cruise is remarkable as a dazzling little guy, dancing around the green carpet, swaying his hips more than a Travolta, twirling his instrument more than a nunchaku before executing all his balls without hesitation, casually. »

Three years later, on February 15, 1990, as Cruise’s career continues its upward trajectory, torn between the desire to work with the great authors and star in blockbusters, the actor’s status is examined with even more attention, on the occasion of the release of Born on July 4, by Oliver Stone.

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In an interview with the filmmaker, The world first explain that the film “consecrates the metamorphosis of an actor”. The former star of Top Gun then interprets a marine returned, in 1967, from Vietnam, condemned to the wheel chair and become a “anti-Rambo par excellence”. Stone details his perception of what should now be called the Tom Cruise phenomenon, with an acuity that has not aged a bit: ” He is proud. He wants to be the best, he has a boy scout side, he comes from the working class, he is Catholic and there is a noticeable crack in him. He comes from a divided home, he was dyslexic. He moved six or seven times when he was a kid and it shows…”

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Tom Cruise in “Le Monde”, an unloved superstar

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