Yasei no Last Boss #1 review by MassLunar

A new overpowered (but also superfluous) isekai

Doki Doki continues to continuously shower us with isekai with this new title Yasei no last boss which resembles in plot another recent isekai from the publisher: In the land of Leadale but in a much more classic and explosive version.

Yasei no last boss, it’s the story of an anonymous gamer who reigned at the top of the mmorpg food chain à la Exgate Online. Creator of an avatar called Luphas Mafahl, a splendid female mage, our gamer reigns supreme over the universe of this game, going so far as to influence the history of Exgate Online. A titanic journey until a final battle against the Union of Heroes put an end to his winning streak…

Delighted with this final, the player still decides to restart a game and finds himself literally propelled physically into the world of Exgate and this 200 years more in the history of the game. In addition, the player has become his character Luphas Mafahl , the feared dictator returned from the dead… Will Luphas, the ancient menace, become the heroine who will save Exgate from the grip of the Demon King?

We therefore find some similarities with In the land of Leadale with this image of the player merging with his avatar in his favorite rpg and this same temporal duration which elapsed until his reincarnation (the same duration by the way!) but unlike the soft and melancholy atmosphere of his predecessor, Yasei no last boss favors explosive action guided by the omnipotence of its heroine at level 1000.

In short, a classic isekai who rushes before thinking through a heroine with power far superior to the others.

Adapted from a light novel written by the duo Fire Head (!) and Yahako (a priori, a large part of the isekai are novels at the base), this isekai ensures the show without problem particularly thanks to the design of Tsubasa Hazuki, a draftsman who officiated on two series of one of the first virtual isekai of the Sword art online genre. Suffice to say someone who knows his subject and the genre of fantasy. Panoramic boxes, large, all in spectacle, Tsubasa Hazuki favors simple and noisy cut-outs to best illustrate the power of his sculptural heroine, panoramic views of vast cities or immense creatures, all this matched with the clearest inking.

For fans of action spread out on good boards, this first volume is quite promising and announces a good batch of epic fights.

But while the fights and the environment are quite convincing, the plot for its part sins a little and more especially by its main character who boils down to being only an empty shell. Personally, I have no empathy for yet another anonymous warrior character. He’s a heroic figure that we find a lot in isekai, but he’s a type of hollow character, without any relief who lives only for the happiness he encounters in this virtual world. Moreover, the gamer itself is anonymous and only appears in the first pages. Likewise, since he already has no personality in the IRL world, his avatar has no personality either and just flaunts his power and presence. To compare, Arifureta and In the land of leadale imposes more charismatic main characters who wonder a minimum about their presence in this other world and see their attitudes change accordingly.

That said, this volume 1. of Yasei has minimal issues. Our gamer/avatar will still start looking for possible players who would also be prisoners of Exgate. It’s a thin line that could bring more depth to the story but, without surprises, we can assume that Yasei no last boss will be fully focused on the storylines of Exgate.

Beside that, Exgate’s world setting is pretty well fleshed out. It is well relieved by the drawing of Tsubasa Hazuki and we feel that the writers wanted to build a whole serious background to this world rather than making it a simple playground. Yasei no last boss don’t repeat the virtual menu that appears with each action and fight, which allows us to immerse ourselves more in this fantasy universe without going too much through the video game box.

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Yasei no Last Boss #1 review by MassLunar

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