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Fred Cacheux plays Monsieur Cousin with a beautiful optimism hemmed with ridicule, pathos, but above all very moving. DR

Fred Cacheux, the transformation into Gros-Câlin in Strasbourg

The actor and director Fred Cacheux (Factors Commons Company) brings Monsieur Cousin to life. Coming from the imagination of Émile Ajar, the character of Gros-Câlin embodies the existential hiatus of contemporary solitude. Only one in intense and deep scene, to see at TAPS Scala.

How to get out of the existential impasse? To be reborn while alive and to thwart the morbid that too often comes to mind. This is the path opened up by Romain Gary who finds a future in Émile Ajar.
Under this false identity, the novelist wrote masterpieces including La vie avant soi, Pseudo, Gros-Câlin. This last text fascinates, has always inhabited the actor and director Fred Cacheux (Cie Factors Communs). The dream was embodied, Vivarium, alone on stage, was created and enjoyed great success.
“He’s a brilliant and marvelous pen, a dazzling language full of humour, emphasizes Fred Cacheux. The story of this socially handicapped person is touching. This shy statistician, alone in a suit and tie, is borderline ridiculous, but has a universal scope. »
Who is this Mr. Cousin? A funny zigue indeed, who struggles to find love among his contemporaries, and even if he is in love with Mademoiselle Dreyfus, his office colleague, he falls in love with a python brought back during a trip to Africa – named Gros-Câlin. The man becomes aware of the difficulty of living in an apartment in Paris with his reptile and of expressing his attachment to it. Just as much as in Blondine, the mouse bought to feed him.
A “bracadabrant and funny humorous fable”
From this “abracadabrant and funny humorous fable”, as described at the time by critics, Fred Cacheux highlights the deep loneliness of modern man. “When a python wraps around you and hugs you tight, you only have to close your eyes to feel tenderly loved. It’s the end of the impossible, to which I aspire with all my being,” says Mr. Cousin.
Incarnated by Fred Cacheux, he takes us along in his meanders, but it is not the man who leads the story, it is the story who leads the man. There is no Ajar, as Delphine Horvilleur writes in her fascinating monologue against identity.

Veneranda PALADINO

GO January 10 and 11 at 8:30 p.m., January 12 at 7 p.m. at TAPS Scala in Strasbourg;

John Williams by the Collegium Musicum in Kembs

The Collegium Musicum symphony orchestra in Mulhouse pays tribute to the greatest composer of film music in history, the American John Williams, who celebrated his 90e anniversary in 2022. Awarded five Oscars, he has composed nearly 200 musical works, the vast majority of which are dedicated to the big screen.
Made up of around fifty amateur musicians of all ages, the Mulhouse musical ensemble will take up the greatest themes of the American composer, Star Wars at IndianaJones Passing by Harry Potterunder the direction of Simon Rigaudeau.
For the first time, the instrumentalists will be costumed and made up thanks to the participation of the students of the aesthetics, cosmetics and perfumery section of the professional high school of Rebberg in Mulhouse, who will also make up the voluntary spectators who can come in disguise. Notice to amateurs, spectacle guaranteed!

GO Concert on Sunday 15 January at 4 p.m. at the Espace rhénan in Kembs. For all. Single price: €10.

The Collegium musicum of Mulhouse

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All in kilts with The Real McKenzies on January 14th at WoodStock Guitars.  DR

All in kilts with The Real McKenzies on January 14th at WoodStock Guitars. DR

Celtic Fiesta with The Real McKenzies in Ensisheim

Hoisting the mainsail from Vancouver in British Columbia, The Real McKenzies land in the land of Alsace all bagpipes out with force electrified guitars and beating drums. Don’t panic: it’s just Celtic punk, a hybrid musical genre nourished by traditional folklore and rock’n’roll energy, of which the Real McKenzies are cited among the pioneers.
The group was born in 1992 around its singer, the emeritus Paul McKenzie. The band of merry minstrels in kilts have been criss-crossing the planet for three decades and have long since proven their ability to recycle good old sea shanties on high voltage. A sense of celebration that owes as much to the Pogues as to the Dropkick Murphys. Spread the word !


GO Concert Saturday January 14 at 8 p.m. at WoodStock Guitares in Ensisheim. First part: Escape. Price: €20.99. Internet:

Mr Giscard sings the present time on January 14 at La Laiterie.  DR

Mr Giscard sings the present time on January 14 at La Laiterie. DR

Mr Giscard at the helm at La Laiterie

Incorrect, quirky, not mean but not mincing his words even if it means putting his feet in the dish, Mr Giscard stands out in the landscape of alternative French pop. He owes his presidential pseudonym to his real first name: Valéry. Yes, like Giscard. For the rest, the native singer of Guyana expresses himself as he sees fit, without giving in to the joy of tropical rhythms.
Because since the age of 15, Mr Giscard has lived in metropolitan France. With his family, he settled in Seine-Saint-Denis to be precise. From where a climatic cooling which pushes it towards a rather stripped electropop where it sings its moods without forcing. With his tired voice, he becomes a social chronicler or sentimental adventurer of the 21st century. The new “giscardism” has arrived!


GO Concert on Saturday January 14 at 7:30 p.m. at La Laiterie in Strasbourg. Opening act: Johnny Jane. Prices from €6 to €18. Internet:

Krashkarma, a metal revelation at the Grillen

Ah, the great couples in the history of rock: Eurythmics, Rita Mitsouko, White Stripes… Precisely, like the White Stripes, Krashkarma chose to upset the roles. He, Ralf Dietel, roars his guitar in the rules of heavy metal. She, Niki Skistimas, holds the drums and does not spare her strike when Krashkarma puts the turbo. Otherwise, the two share the microphone with a powerful male voice on one side, and no less furious female vocals on the other.
Active for ten years, the duo was born in Los Angeles and forged its reputation over hundreds of concerts. Still little known on this side of the Atlantic, Krashkarma has everything to drive pure heavy metal aficionados crazy. They are eagerly awaited on the Grillen stage, just to turn up the sound without asking questions.


GO Concert Friday January 13 at 8:30 p.m., at the Grillen in Colmar. Prices from €6 to €16. Internet:


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Shows. On display this week in Alsace

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