Hogwarts Legacy: This mythical Harry Potter event could take place in the game in 1890!

In less than a month now Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy will be released (at least in early access on PS5, Xbox Series and PC) and it’s time to focus on the storyline and potential known events in the world of Harry Potter which we can attend!

Hogwarts Legacy will begin September 1, 1890

We have known this for several months already thanks to a few clues such as the diary date held by one of the characters in the horse-drawn carriage in the trailer, our adventure on Hogwarts Legacy will begin on September 1, 1890, and therefore back to school day at Hogwarts. Presumably, our wizard or witch will be able to use the Hogwarts Express (unconfirmed) to arrive directly at Hogsmeade and then a stagecoach (probably pulled by Thestrals) to access the castle as is done for fifth years.

Because yes, you know it, you will return to the famous school of magic directly in 5th year. Certainly coming from another school, you can then choose your house when distributing the sorting hat.

A major event takes place in 1890

If the scenario presents us with many mysteries around the revolt of the goblins, a very powerful ancient magic or even a strong link with Merlin, life at Hogwarts school will nevertheless remain faithful to the books and films of the saga. Of course it happens more than a hundred years before the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends, but certain milestones in the wizard’s life already existed at the time. We can just think of Halloween for example, Christmas and any other holiday that can be represented directly in the castle thanks to many decorations, but also to much more challenging experiences such as the great Wizarding School Potions Championship!

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

It’s about a competition organized in an enchanted garden of Hogwarts where students from different schools of wizardry have to prove their potion making skills by completing various challenges in the garden and brewing various potions. A great event that would allow us to see students from other schools like Beauxbatons or Uagadou like our friend Natsai. Unfortunately, champions must be seventeen years old to be able to compete and, logically, our character will only be 16 years old when admitted. However, the reward is a magnificent cauldron of gold that could easily be used in the Room of Requirement since it is possible to modify the appearance of objects on the spot.

The Enchanted Garden - Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy
The Enchanted Garden

Note that this competition does not appear in JK Rowling’s books but in an augmented reality game called Wonderbook: Book of Potions (2013) and mentioned in the Fantastic Beasts movie Dumbledore’s Secrets.

If the event itself may not take place, there is no doubt that it will be mentioned in the game since 1890 is its 70th edition. Anyway, other highlights of the 1800s are important to consider:

  • 1865: creation of the Magicobus,
  • 1865: Nigellus Black finishes his studies at Hogwarts and will later become its headmaster,
  • 1892: Albus Dumbledore’s first year at Hogwarts

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Hogwarts Legacy: This mythical Harry Potter event could take place in the game in 1890!

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