Personal Year 9: Numerology Predictions for 2022

The year 2022, for those whose personal year bears the number 9, will be a period of conclusion, the end of a cycle started in year 1. New projects will emerge but it will be necessary to devote more attention to files already started. in order to close them and move on. This year will be under the sign of altruism and humanism.

love and dating

If you are single and no longer want to be, your year 2022 will satisfy you…partially. Indeed, the meetings will be numerous. Beautiful idylls will be able to emerge. But should we consider them in the long term? Not sure. It’s a safe bet that these relationships do not last and that some turn into friendships. It’s already won, isn’t it?

If you are in a relationship, know that the year will end as it began. In other words, if you experience a serene love during the first trimester, it will be the same in December. Which will imply desires for marriage, for deeper commitment. On the other hand, if conflicts come to tarnish your relationship at the beginning of the year, you will certainly end the year on a definitive break. Rest assured, it will be a blessing in disguise.


Any change at work, any move, any new project will be beneficial. Even if you lose your job or decide to go elsewhere to see if the grass is greener, the consequences will be positive. This period announces changes. You may get a promotion or be contacted by a company that wants to open its doors to you. Will there be any risks? Certainly. But if you are really motivated to move forward, you will congratulate yourself for having dared to upset the existing. It will take innovation and adaptation to meet the challenges that will come your way. If a project allows you to express your altruism, your desire to help others, go for it. In conclusion, know that these changes will really take off next year.

Health and fitness

Lots of action, movement, travel in this year 2022. And yet, you will not be in brilliant shape. You will feel, at times, a little worn out by the rhythm of your professional life that you will have imposed on yourself. You might have some skin reaction like, for example, eczema. But you will hold on and manage to show dynamism. It is not excluded that you want, this year, to get involved in a charitable association to support people in precarious situations. This initiative will bring you a lot. Feeling useful will allow you to give additional meaning to your existence.


The state of your financial situation, when you are in personal year 9, is based on what you experienced in year 8. Thus, like your love life, the year 2022 will end as it began. On the other hand, be aware that the period encourages investment. It is also recommended to repay your debts, to improve your financial situation. To begin, then, a new cycle in the best dispositions.

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Personal Year 9: Numerology Predictions for 2022

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