In the Perche, what does the clairvoyant Martine Ramette predict for the year 2023?

Martine Ramette talks about the war in Ukraine, the boudin fair and even global warming in her predictions for 2023. ©Le Perche

“The year 2023, in numerology represents the vibration 7, it is a sacred number which evokes reflection, spirituality, self-sacrifice and awareness”, develops Martine Ramette, clairvoyant and magnetizer in Mortagne-au-Perche (Orne).

In 2024, it will be the number 8 where finances will be at the center of concerns, especially since there will be the Olympic Games in Paris, it will be expensive and therefore taxes will increase.

Martine Ramette

2025 represents the number 9, that is to say the end of a cycle, according to the seer: “There will be a lot of order to put back, it will be a year of great rigor. »

For the past twenty years, she has settled in the Perche to read the future of her clients, Monsieur and Madame Tout-le-Monde with her seven decks of cards.

If she is consulted a lot for separations, conflicts between neighbours, work or even pregnancies, Martine Ramette took the time to look in the cards at what they predicted for the future of the territorybut also of world.

Local predictions

“In the Perche we have vital forces. Workshops, small shops and bed and breakfasts have flourished and we have many new arrivals, but have they found the infrastructure that would encourage them to settle? asks Martine Ramette. “I hope that this 2×2 lanes will be carried out, which would allow investors to come”.

For Mortagne-au-Perche, the seer perceives the arrival of a new major brand related to clothes and fashionable, “which would be good for young people, because they lack space”.

“Why not set up a nightclub between Bellême and Mortagne and set up a casino in Orne”, suggests Martine Ramette.

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The idea of ​​a bowling is also evoked with a floor for young people and another for older people.

Good news, the Pudding Fairmeanwhile, should take place in 2023!

Environment and conflicts

Europe’s main concern is Ukraine.

“The country is resisting, but the problem is Putin who will not let go like that,” says Martine Ramette. “I see it can take on unprecedented proportions, he has a snake side, so it can last for a while, it all depends on his health.”

The clairvoyant made the numerology of Vladimir Poutine and discovered that next year he is in dual 4a critical position for the President of the Russian Federation, possibly due to his illness.

“I’m afraid that the tension will go up a notch”, reveals Martine Ramette.

the global warming will cause a accelerated storm to the United States and Canadaaccording to the clairvoyant.

Earthquakes will occur in Italy and Greece, as well as seismic tremors in Brittany.

Martine Ramette

She also predicts floods and landslides towards Haute-Savoie and abroad and “volcanoes should wake up in the United States mainly”.

The country has experienced major fires this summer.

There will be other fires, not at home, but more on the side of Brittany and the South, not of the same magnitude as this year unless arsonists set fires.

Martine Ramette

The fate of well-known personalities

Martine Ramette is worried about the health of Pope Francis. “I see hospitalization and possibly death.”

On the side of the UK royal familyshe announces that there will be no reconciliation between prince william and prince harry. And the King Charles III“is going to be tired and will undergo surgery”.

“I see the arrival of more and more efficient human-sized robots and artificial intelligence taking control of our lives,” she says. “There will be big mass movements, jobs will be created, but there will also be a lot of unemployment because machines will replace us”.

donald trump should not make a political reappearance according to Martine Ramette. “Joe Biden is a good president even if he is a little old”.

The seer predicts good news: “there will be new advances for childhood diseases and new effective vaccines against new viruses”.

With all her predictions, Martine Ramette explains that she: “tries to be a positive seer”.

“There is finally an awareness of European citizens and governments in 2022 and 2023 to reduce various forms of pollution”, she concludes. All that remains is to act for perhaps even more positive predictions in 2024!

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In the Perche, what does the clairvoyant Martine Ramette predict for the year 2023?

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