In the Perche, what does the clairvoyant Martine Ramette predict for the year 2023?

In the Perche what does the clairvoyant Martine Ramette predict

By Mathilde Simoen Published on 4 Jan 23 at 16:36 The Pole See my news Follow this media Martine Ramette talks about the war in Ukraine, the boudin fair and even global warming in her predictions for 2023. ©Le Perche “The year 2023, in numerology represents the vibration 7, it is a sacred number which … Read more

The predictions of Vanessa, clairvoyant in Saint-Quentin, for the year 2023

The predictions of Vanessa clairvoyant in Saint Quentin for the year

New year, new resolutions and of course, the desire to know what the months to come have in store for us. Meeting with Vanessa, clairvoyant and fortune-teller at 200, rue de Paris in Saint-Quentin, since 2018. A year 2023 which does not look auspicious. – New By Lydivine Leprêtre (CLP) Published: January 1, 2023 at … Read more