Horoscope 2023: year 7, reflection


General This is a year where you will be at a crossroads. Several routes are available to you. Your intuition will allow you to make the choices that will be in harmony with your inner being. Loves You tend to withdraw into yourself. It’s not ill will on your part, but you will need to refocus on your priorities. Work Your ambition may be strengthened, but you have to bite the brakes. Don’t be impatient if things aren’t moving fast enough for you. My advice If you know how to be satisfied with what you have the year will be satisfactory on the whole. But do not be discouraged by the ambient climate which can cut your wings!


General Here is a year where the pace is slower and it seems that everything is ready for questioning. Your decisions will lead to new, more rewarding and even more lucrative projects. Loves As a couple, you will find the right balance to preserve harmony. Single, loneliness will not scare you and you will take things philosophically. Work You will sometimes have the unpleasant impression of not being recognized at your fair value. Rest assured, some of your projects will materialize during the next cycle. My advice Certainly you will have to turn around and save your strength this year, but it is to better prepare for the next brighter cycle.


General Things not going as planned? You have your free will to guide you in making choices and turning the wheel in your favor. Loves Run away from wobbly situations that lead nowhere. You need to be reassured on the heart side and tenderness seems to be a priority. Work You will establish a real work plan and solve one after the other the problems that until now have prevented you from moving forward. You will be more focused on your goals. My advice Your job can keep you busy for a good part of the year. There will be opportunities to seize on the fly.


General This is a year where luck will give you opportunities to carry out projects that are important to you and your social life will be more fulfilling. Loves You value your independence and you are far from locking yourself into a routine that you hate! Routine or not you will be in love. Work Your enthusiasm will be a key asset in the realization of your projects. Promotion and earnings will mark your year, you deserve it. My advice Enjoy this year 7 positive against you to advance your pawns particularly in work. Your energy and your joie de vivre will be valuable assets for your promotion. On the heart side, you will be fulfilled because love at first sight awaits you!


General You will innovate and may even start a new activity. Your social life will be more fulfilling and you will evolve in intellectual circles. Loves Your magnetism will fly. New encounters with beautiful people are on the horizon. You will radiate and you will make your loved ones benefit from your beautiful energy. Work It is well decided, in this year of 7 you will look to the heights. Your efforts will bear fruit You will remain lucid because despite the support it is you who must prove yourself! My advice Dynamic year when you want to get out of the “daily hum”. You will be determined to make decisions as you see fit. The success will be visible from the middle of the year.


General You will stand out from others thanks to your self-control. You can count on the informed advice and support of those around you. Loves Run away from troubled situations where “between the two my heart swings” at the risk of losing your joy of living. Take a step back, and you will have the solution. Work You will reap the fruits of your efforts during the previous cycle. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before accepting a promotion, taking your privacy into account. My advice You will manage to overcome the obstacles in the work. In your sentimental life you must take the time to reflect, however you will have to make a decision.


General This is the year of commitments and construction. You will make decisions to preserve your balance. Want to change your lifestyle? This year 7, yours invites you. Loves the year 7 general, you will seek harmony or at least a fulfilling affective life, to evolve in a serene atmosphere. Work It’s time to move your pawns forward to look up. You will have opportunities, seize them on the fly. My advice Even if the 7 marks for you the end of a cycle it is also synonymous with a new cycle. The year may start in apparent calm, but rest assured it is more important than it seems.


General There is movement in the air. Your optimism attracts luck and winners. Your dynamism will pay off even if professional setbacks independent of your own will punctuate the year. Loves You will bite into life with your teeth and you will throw yourself into the whirlwind of the party. Well in your sneakers you will assume yourself as you are, ignoring the “when will we say”. Couples will experience a new romance. Work During the year 7 general, your ambition and your energy will be assets that will make the difference. Stand out, dare to put your skills forward, this popular saying could be yours this year: “You are never better served than by yourself!” My advice The year 7 general, will allow you to find your free will and you will listen more often to your intuition. You will decide to change what does not suit you and you will free yourself from the weight of the past. Take a bite out of life!


General It is the year of discernment. You will have to adapt to the circumstances and why not change your tune in the work? Loves You will give your all in your work because a new path is emerging. Make allowances because your balance also depends on your intimate life. Work You will be all about your business and you will show tenacity. The novelty will keep you in suspense and your efforts will pay off. You will be able to evolve in a younger and more motivating working atmosphere. My advice In numerology the 9 marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. During this year 7 you will make new decisions in just about every area to prepare for the future. Listen to your intuition, get rid of the weights of the past, in other words “change is now”!

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Horoscope 2023: year 7, reflection

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