Viva Magenta: why are you going to hear about this very special pink in 2023? – Here is

The Pantone Color Institute has unveiled THE hottest color of 2023: Viva Magenta. This ultra-vibrant shade of pink is in pole position to become the trendiest. Symbolism, origin, use… We tell you everything about Viva Magenta.

Every year in December, the Pantone Institute reveals to the whole world the color that will best represent the daily life of the following year. In 2021, Pantone had elected Very Peri purple as THE flagship shade of 2022. It was synonymous with meditation, vitality and wholeness. For 2023, the Institute moves to the next level: after introspectionit seems like it’s time to get into action with a completely different color: Viva Magenta. As its name suggests, it is a very pigmented pink which contrasts deeply with the mood of the moment. And that is indeed why Viva Magenta has been carefully chosen. It is a natural shade that is part of the family of reds and derived from cochineal redfrom the famous insect. Viva Magenta is a brave hue that clearly does not go unnoticed.

Viva Magenta: it’s the Pantone color of 2023

Like all reds, the Viva Magenta is synonymous with life and emotions. Pantone describes this shade as code 18-1750 Viva Magenta as an unconventional color for an era that is just as unconventional. In a climate punctuated by health crises, wars and climate change, this intense pink encourages you to find the strength to move forward. This vitaminized shade encourages, motivates and fills the mind with a rebellious but positive attitude! In addition, adopt Viva Magenta it’s draping yourself in a bit of courage to face the difficulties of everyday life.

How to wear Viva Magenta in 2023?

The good news is that pink is at the center of trends. With Barbiecore or Valentino’s Hot Pink, this shade of color is stronger than ever. In 2023we continue on the same path with this time, a still strong but darker pink, with touches of blue that make it more natural. On the catwalks of the fall-winter 2022-2023 collections, magenta was spotted at Off-White or Blumarine. The trend continues in spring 2023 with magenta seen at Coperni.
Viva Magenta is the perfect color to wear all-over, that is to say from head to toe. It gives self-confidence and enhances the look in the blink of an eye, especially if you adopt the monochromatic look. But this rose can also be worn in small detail with other strong colors like green and navy blue. Sweater, bag, shoes, jewelry… this very particular pink wakes up the outfit in the blink of an eye. Because the Viva Magenta is a perfectly balanced red between warm and cold nuances, it goes as much with brunettes than to blonde as well as redheads. All skin tones are equally flattered by this vibrant pink. Never boring, it’s THE color that will have a positive impact on everyday life in 2023.

© Off-White via BestimageOff-White Fall-Winter 2022-2023 show
Blumarine fall-winter 2022-2023 fashion show
© Fashion PPS / BestimageBlumarine fall-winter 2022-2023 fashion show
Coperni Spring-Summer 2023 show
© Getty ImagesCoperni Spring-Summer 2023 show

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Viva Magenta: why are you going to hear about this very special pink in 2023? – Here is

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