The month of the Prophet… The month of rabi al awwal

By: Tamime Khemmar

There is no doubt that the month of rabîvs al-awwal, the third month of the hijrah calendar is a month which is particularly connected with our beloved prophet [ﷺ] because it was during this month that he was born, that he emigrated (hijrah) and that he died.

These are very important stages in the life of our Prophet [ﷺ] each of which deserves a stop full of recollection, meditation and gratitude to Allah.

The Birth of the Prophet

All the scholars are unanimous on the day of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad [ﷺ] which is: Monday.

On the other hand, they diverged on the date of this day.

Most said he was born on the 12th of Rabivs al-awwal, but others opted for 2, 8 or even 9.

The year of his birth is, of course, the year known as “the year of the elephant” when the Abyssinian Abraha wanted to demolish the Kavsbah, but was, himself and his army, annihilated by Allah[1].

The Arabs, at the time, would refer in the dating of their history to the great events that occurred (the great battles and others).

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The Prophet [] fasted on monday

The Prophet [ﷺ] gave importance to the Monday of each week and fasted it saying:

“This is a day when I was born and sent as a Messenger”[2]

How can we not thank Allah by fasting this day when the greatest mercy of Allah Mouhammad [ﷺ] was granted there to humanity and his sending as a Messenger took place there?

Of course, no festivities were performed by the Prophet [ﷺ] during Monday 12 of rabîvs al-awwal and he never called on his nation to do so.

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The hijrah of the Prophet [ﷺ]

During the month of rabîvs al-awwal, the Prophet Softhammad [ﷺ] left his homeland, Mecca, after the great nuisance that his people brought him and went to the sweet Medina, which welcomed him, loved him and supported him.

Its inhabitants warmly welcomed it on Monday 12 rabîvs al-awwal.

He built his mosque there and sealed a pact of brotherhood between his Companions and the inhabitants of Medina.

Ajib evening: I want to dream of the Prophet!

Prophet’s Death [ﷺ]

Monday 12 rabîvs al-awwal is the day of the death of the Prophet [ﷺ].

This was the greatest misfortune that struck the Muslim nation and will remain so until the Day of Resurrection.

Anas may Allah be pleased says:

“The day the Prophet [ﷺ] arrived in Medina, everything there was illuminated. Only, the day he died, everything in it darkened. »[3]

These are three important milestones that remind us of our beloved Prophet [ﷺ].

This increases our love and our desire to meet him.

This should also increase our firm hold on his path of salvation and should greatly motivate us to apply his sunnah.

When we remember our Prophet, our hearts are full of humility, our limbs tremble and tears flow from our eyes, only, despite all this love, we must not fall into excess as Christians did with Jesus son of Mary.

Allahummah, our Lord, may your praise and salvation be upon your servant, your messenger, your prophet and your confidant muhammad [ﷺ], continuous and uninterrupted praise and greeting until the Day of Retribution. Amen

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Author’s note:

[1] See sura Al-Fîl n° 105 of the noble Koran.

[2] Muslim (1162)

[3] Sahih At-Tirmidhi. Al-Albani (3618)

The month of the Prophet… The month of rabi al
The month of the Prophet… The month of rabi al

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The month of the Prophet… The month of rabi al awwal

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