TESTIMONY. Garance lives with Arnold-Chiari malformation

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Chiari malformation affects one child for every 25,000 births. At the time of her 20th birthday, Garance* discovered that she had it after experiencing strange symptoms. His life takes an unexpected turn. Testimony.

During the entire testimony, the first name was voluntarily changed for the sake of anonymity.

“I felt like it wasn’t normal, it was like my organs were moving in my head.”

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The Chiari malformation described by an affected person “The Chiari malformation is when the cerebellum is positioned too low in the head, which compresses everything inside a bit and prevents the cerebrospinal fluid to circulate properly. It’s not fatal but it can have very serious consequences if it’s not treated in time, such as loss of sight orparalysis.”

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TESTIMONY. Garance lives with Arnold-Chiari malformation

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