The best spiritual series on Netflix: Top 10!

Looking for spiritual, slightly mystical and psychedelic series to watch on Netflix? Here are the best in our opinion.

What could be better than sitting on Netflix quietly watching a movie or series that allows you to raise your consciousness a little ? When we had a long day at work, when you were stressed by the tasks to be performed, your boss…

It feels good to relax in front of a good mystical series that makes you think about yourself. While allowing you to ask your brain a little vis-à-vis the daily worries of life. Sign out while remaining partially connected, via netflix as it happens. So here are 10 very cool series and dreamlike spiritual and posed.

NB: We specify that this selection engages only us and that others spiritual series exist, even outside of Netflix. So, do not hesitate to leave us some references in comments so that other readers can discover your favorite series in this genre.

Among the spiritual series on Netflix: Journey to the ends of the spirit

To start, here is a very nice series, which gives food for thought, but which is only to be watched to learn about the subject. In short, it’s not chill, but more instructive. Currently published on Netflix, this mini-series distributed in 4 episodes retraces the history of drugs and their use through the ages. The first episode deals in particular with the LSD and its origins. For the second episode, it evokes the hallucinogenic mushrooms. The third is on the MDMA and the fourth on the mescaline. In short, an informative and psychedelic work that is worth seeing.

The brain in brief: a mini-series to understand the mechanisms of the brain

What exactly is going on in our brain? This is a question that plagues many people around the world. The brain is a fabulous organ and of course, learning more about it is always uplifting. Understand the brain mechanisms usually allows to decrypt dreamsbehaviors, but also, suddenly, change things to become a better person: understanding how the brain works can help you adopt the Positive thought by influencing your brain.

In this context, the mini-series The Brain, in brief focuses on the functions and mechanisms of this organ. The series speaks of several facets: how anxiety forms, how the reward hormone works, how dreams are formed, etc. 5 episodes released in 2021 liked by 91% of users Netflix.

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A thought-provoking psychedelic animated series: The Mindset Gospel

Comical, spiritual and enigmaticif you wanted a small series to set his mind: Mindset Gospel is perfect on Netflix. The 8-episode series focuses on the big existential questions of life. The main character travels through psychedelic worlds and wacky thanks to a universe simulator, which leads him to reflect on many notions abstract such as life, death, love, etc.

Listening to the beyond: a series of 9 episodes on mediumship

Whether we believe or not mediums, this small series of 9 episodes in reality TV mode is very interesting to explain the mechanisms of this practice. More broadly, it asks questions about life after death, paradise, etc. intimatethe series can be watched on its own and comes almost like a documentary: there are in particular testimonials on the subject of psychics and the afterlife.

Among the spiritual animated series: Human Resources

To continue the momentum of animated series, there is also HumanResources which caught our attention. Funny, quirky, this series is spin-off of the Big Mouth series (which it is better to watch before seeing Human Resources). This series allows you to rest your brain for 10 episodes, but also to think a little about the societal criticism hidden in this mini-series. Certain subjects are covered there, such as postpartum love and addictions.

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The Headspace Guide to Meditation, One of the Best Spiritual Series on Netflix

In 8 episodes, this is one of the best spiritual Netflix series. In animations, this small series talks about the benefits of daily meditation. She evokes how important it is to look at yourself in order to reach fullness and get to know yourself better. But also, this series offers guided meditation exercises and methods to meditate.

Nobody’s Watching, a Netflix comedy and fantasy series

Nobody’s Watching is a terrific series and a bit burlesque. Funny and quirky, it is totally in line with our theme of spiritual Netflix series because it really allows us to ask ourselves questions. existential questions while resting his brain a bit. Here is a little review that we loved about this series:

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Rick and Morty: a classic in the genre!

More quirky and ironic than truly spiritual, rick and morty is a perfect series to pass the time while thinking a little. For good reason, under its air of a burlesque, coarse series, Rick and Morty poses real questions about the world and human relationships. With its 5 seasons, it goes without saying that you have plenty to watch.

Especially since this series will strongly appeal to fans of psychedelic series. Traveling between worlds, Morty and his uncle Rick, a sassy scientist, live unlikely adventures. Very strongly inspired by the characters of Back to the future, Rick and Morty is a classic of the type.

One of the best spiritual series on Netflix: “Connected”

We are all interconnected. This is what this little spiritual series published on Netflix highlights. In 6 episodes, connected, it’s really the series to de-stress. The latter demonstrates, through experience, how we are all connected together and to the Earth and the universe.

100 humans: serial human experiments

8 episodes very little known to the public and that’s a shame. 100 humans is a Netflix series in which 100 people engage in experiments playful human beings in order to highlight the differences between individuals, but also what brings them together.

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The best spiritual series on Netflix: Top 10!

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