Social – Alzheimer’s: in Moulins, many devices to relieve caregivers

To provide carers with the best possible relief, the Moulins-Yzeure hospital center is expanding and developing its offer: day care, carer café, respite platform and, since the end of 2022, a drop-in center in Neuilly-le-Réal.

Day care at the Moulins-Yzeure hospital center

The day center can accommodate ten Alzheimer’s patients per day; each, up to three times a week (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). “It is constantly almost full”, specifies the neuropsychologist Catherine Gache, from the geriatrics center of the CH, who organizes discussion groups for carers, once a month.

Individual psychological support, mindfulness meditation workshop are also offered. “Meditation allows people to let go, to better manage their emotions, better accept the disease. I offer discovery sessions, before the eight sessions”, specifies the psychologist.

Alzheimer’s, a “tsunami” also for the relatives of the patient: family caregivers from Allier testify

The caregiver cafe

The caregivers’ café allows relatives of sick people, every second Thursday of the month, at the Pré-Bercy café, rue Jean-Baron, to discuss a different theme over coffee: what hobbies with and/or without sound nearby, how to find your way through the maze of devices… (reservation is not compulsory).
The meeting is led by Catherine Gache and by social assistance from the Departmental Council. “If necessary, the person helped can be welcomed on the respite platform during this speaking time”.

A respite platform

This respite platform, created in 2015 by the CH, offers activities to support, guide and accompany caregivers. Caregivers are entitled to twelve hours per month, which allows them to go to restaurants, to the cinema… “We adapt our schedules to their needs”. Several activities around helper/helped pairs are also organised, around board games, cultural outings, snacks. Walking workshops are also offered, once every fortnight, for caregivers, as well as massages. The respite platform can also travel to your home once a week.

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France Alzheimer Allier helps patients but also caregivers to better manage the disease and daily life

A branch opened in Neuilly-le-Réal at the end of 2022

In November 2022, a stopover was set up in Neuilly-le-Réal. “We responded to a local request from caregivers. The agents of the CH move on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, room of the elders. This allows carers, whether they live in the town or the surrounding area, to go to the weekly market, to a meeting, or simply to rest”. Remembrance workshops for those over fifty will soon be offered there.

Ariane Bouhours

Convenient. To contact the day reception at CH Moulins and the respite platform: and
For caregiver coffee, contact Catherine Gache at Upcoming events: Thursday 9 February, “Finding around in the maze of devices”; Thursday March 9, “My loved one is in an institution, and after? ”; Thursday, April 13, “Caregiver, I need a break, a respite”; Thursday, May 11, “Loss of home autonomy: financial aid”; Thursday 8 June, “Living daily with the person being cared for”.

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Social – Alzheimer’s: in Moulins, many devices to relieve caregivers

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