Meditation where I want, when I want

Whether you feel stressed, anxious or on the contrary relaxed and in great shape, meditation will always have a positive impact in your life. This mental technique that allows you to exercise the mind to find peace should be a daily reflex for all of us. But our rushed lives often make it difficult to find the time to practice meditation day after day. However, we are only talking about a few minutes here to feel the positive effects.

Meditation, which mainly involves breathing and attentive presence in the moment, requires emptying and calming down. The easiest way is therefore often for people to practice it at home. However, today, it is also possible to isolate yourself wherever you are using active noise reduction headphones (headphones or in-ear) and to follow meditation sessions via an application. Grazia tested the Apple Watch and AirPods Pro combo for several weeks three to four times a week, quietly at home but also on public transport.

A few minutes are enough, wherever you are

Our choice fell on the Meditopia app (but there are many other apps of the same kind, such as Petit Bambou, Calm or even Headspace). Installed on an Apple Watch, it eliminates any disruptions and temptations of a phone placed close to you. The best is still, once the session has been downloaded to the watch, to switch to disconnection mode (airplane mode) to ensure perfect peace of mind. Then, all you have to do is put the AirPods Pro in the hollow of your ear and activate the noise reduction to find yourself in your bubble, even on the subway.

A few minutes of guided meditation each day is enough. However, it is necessary to want to and agree to look within. This letting go on a daily basis is not always easy to accept because it often leads to a review of some of your “bad” habits or reflexes and requires you to face your flaws. However, learning through short sessions, focusing on the breath in particular, already allows you to relax on a daily basis, even if it is only a fleeting feeling.

Concretely, once the session has been chosen on the Meditopia application – it can be the session of the day or that of a particular program -, all that remains is to sit down comfortably and let yourself be guided. If the exercise can be uncomfortable at first. We feel a little “stupid” to stay there without moving listening to a voice telling us when to breathe and where to guide our thoughts, the effect is not long in being felt. Once the breath has rested, its body relaxed, the mind lets itself go in a form of wandering, carried away by the peaceful path of application in the hollow of our ear. Over the days and weeks, this little moment for oneself becomes a real reflex, whether you practice it in the morning when you get out of bed, on the way to work or, on the contrary, in the evening just before going to bed (or even for fall asleep). It’s up to everyone to find the right moment, to relax and to purify their mind to find their breath and listen to themselves.


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Meditation where I want, when I want

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