Mind, body, sleep… Laury Thilleman’s well-being advice to get the year off to a good start

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6:55 p.m., December 22, 2022

If Christmas is imminent and the New Year holidays are on the horizon, good resolutions of 2023 are beginning to prepare. Some will commit to doing more sport, others to having a more regular sleep cycle or even a healthier diet. Concrete objectives, but often difficult to achieve.

guest of Well done for you on Europe 1, Laury Thilleman, miss France 2011, presents her tips for staying in shape in her body and in her head all year round, all gathered in her book “365 days on top!”. From good breathing to eliminating guilt, she explains how to stay the course, alongside Lugdivine Meytre, Pilates teacher who helped write this atlas of well-being.

Take care of your mind

One of the first things to do, and especially to maintain over time, is to take care of your mind. Stress, mental load, guilt… the brain is often overheated. Especially in January, after the holiday season. For Laury Thilleman, we must banish guilt. “Often, we make a list of good resolutions, and generally after three weeks, we let go” because it’s ‘too violent all of a sudden'”, she explains. “Be kind to yourselves .”

Especially since January 2, “it’s still winter” points out Miss France on Europe 1. “It’s a period when, basically, we’re still supposed to hibernate like animals.” For her, a single watchword, “Hurry up, slow down”. For this, it is necessary to “know” this state of “rush” where we can be. “You have to list what is important and what can wait. You have to ask yourself, it allows you to keep up the pace and avoid burnout”, advises the one who has had a busy life since her election.

On a daily basis, the journalist and author also advises to breathe well. A trick that may seem silly, but which turns out to be vital. “By inhaling and exhaling, we will have the impression of chasing our stress, our anxiety of the moment. By doing this even only ten times, it will allow you to restart your day on the right foot.”

Reclaim your body

Getting your day off to a good start also means refocusing with your body, points out Laury Thilleman. If “good posture” is essential, or “find an activity that suits you 100%”, small routines can be put in place in the morning. This is explained by Lugdivine Meytre at the microphone of Europe 1. “In the morning, what can I do to put myself in my shoes? Stretching for example.” Contrary to popular belief, “no need to be flexible to get started. “The goal is to do it regularly, and five minutes every day makes a difference“, assures the Pilates teacher.

“The goal is not to give yourself a series of injunctions, the goal is to test”, still wants to emphasize the professional. You shouldn’t put a strain on your body at the expense of your mental well-being.

Get back to good sleep

For a good day, don’t neglect your sleep. Often disturbed or downright forgotten, it is nevertheless decisive. Laury Thilleman hammers it: “no screens before falling asleep”. To avoid being tempted by your smartphone, why not introduce a meditation or reading routine? You should also, ideally, “eat two hours before going to sleep”. But be careful, you have to banish certain foods that can promote insomnia, such as starchy foods. “Let go at noon, and in the evening we go there quietly, without fasting”, sums up the TV presenter.

Finally, Lugdivine Meytre concludes by pointing out the harmful effects of cardio in the evening, which will wake you up instead of putting you to sleep. The two women recommend, in the end, to have a very holistic approach to one’s well-being, in order to be able to start the year 2023 on the right foot, and end it on the hats.

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Mind, body, sleep… Laury Thilleman’s well-being advice to get the year off to a good start

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