Inner Healings by Nicole Bordeleau: Deploying Our Innate Strengths to Heal

Recognized as one of the main references in terms of well-being in Quebec, yoga master, meditation teacher and best-selling author, Nicole Bordeleau talks about the awareness and attitudes that open an ever-widening door on healing in her new self-help book, Healings interior. With wisdom and gentleness, the author generously shares parts of her life and explains which mechanisms allow us to deploy our healing forces.

Nicole Bordeleau recounts how, one morning in July 1996, a phone call from her doctor told her that she was suffering from a terrible virus called Hepatitis C.

This bad news had the effect of a bomb. Determined to live and heal, she began her long journey as a patient to seek treatment and began an intense spiritual journey.

In this new book, she explains what she has learned over the years on different subjects. How do you maintain balance in the face of adversity? How do you get up when you are hit by an ordeal? Is it possible to heal the wounded parts of oneself? How to finally say yes to life?

With wisdom

Nicole Bordeleau brings many concrete avenues to embark on the path of inner healing with wisdom and awareness.

With authenticity and courage, she talks about her personal experience, explains what she has learned and put into practice, shares her knowledge and insights.

“I had been writing another book for a long time and for Inner Healingsthere was a part of me that was reluctant to go there,” she commented in an interview.

“I had wanted to write it for a long time, but I couldn’t find how. At one point, I felt that I had to write it with two voices: the voice of the one who goes through illness, the difficulties, who seeks healing and the voice of the one who has a long way to go. do.”

physical healing

Nicole Bordeleau went through 30 years of illness, she recalls.

“I looked so much for books that could accompany me and also open doors to new horizons. I didn’t want to talk only about physical healing because even if physical healing is done, there are others that must be done. Others who call to be made.

“Throughout our lives, life heals us of what, through our experiences? That’s what I always wondered, without being able to name it. When you’re going through a divorce, when you have personal bankruptcy, when you’re in the midst of an addiction… through the great difficulties, what is life trying to heal you from?”

“Sometimes it’s a lack of self-esteem, sometimes it’s a lack of self-confidence, sometimes it’s because you haven’t yet learned to say no, to name your truth”, lists she.

deep healings

“I always felt that life was not against me, but for me. It is not against anyone, but for anyone. But the act of healing, in our society, concerns physical or mental illnesses. But there are other deep healings, other inner healings and that’s what I wanted to talk about.

“Healing is not always done with mantras, hallelujahs and incense. There are healings that take place in confusion and pain, in fear and darkness. These are healing passages and it took me a long time to understand that.”

♦ Nicole Bordeleau is an author and speaker, yoga master and meditation teacher.

♦ She has written several bestsellers, including The art of reinventing yourself, Breatheand return to the world.

♦ She is followed by more than 150,000 people on social networks.

♦ His podcast Nicole Bordeleau podcast has reached one million downloads since its inception.


There are two ways to conceive of healing. Either you wait for it to be granted to you, or you go to meet it. »

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Inner Healings by Nicole Bordeleau: Deploying Our Innate Strengths to Heal

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