At the Louvre-Lens, our favorites for Museum Night this Saturday

This Saturday, on the occasion of the Night of the Museums, the Louvre-Lens concocts for its visitors an imperial night in the image of the exhibition “Rome. The city and the empire » Here is a very small selection of a great festive evening with 100% free events.

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A visit by candlelight

Candles would be a little too risky in a museum even if it’s tempting! Otherwise, it is by the light of hundreds of lanterns that the public is invited to discover the Roman masterpieces and those of the gallery of time in a magical atmosphere. Night at the museum is not just a film. For everyone. From 11:45 p.m. Duration: 1 hour. Free.


A soundtrack to create

Here, it’s nothing less than setting a work from the Rome exhibition to music. The City and the Empire. A computer-assisted music workshop supervised by professional musicians during which participants create and compose a soundtrack and music. It’s new and it’s from 12 years old. Duration: 1h15. Free.


One evening in Rome… in dress

At the Louvre-Lens, we love costume parties. Usually, they are expressed rather during large balls. This time, ornaments and accessories await you at the entrance to the exhibition. All that remains is to let yourself be guided by a strange companion, also in disguise, for a dive into the heart of the Roman city. For all, from 7 years old. Duration 1h30. Free.


Meditate with the scribe

If you have planted your eyes in his blue marbles, you could only be intrigued by the depth of his gaze, and the mystery that accompanies it. What is the scribe looking at? The imagination is racing. For the Night of the Museums, the visitor is invited to meditation by drawing inspiration from his presence, his posture to experience an inner journey. This meditation scene is provided by hypnotist sophrologist Sylvie Houille (Osmoose thér’happy). From 16 years old. Duration: 30 minutes. Free.

At the Louvre-Lens, an imperial night by candlelight, this Saturday, from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Admission to the Rome exhibition is exceptionally free for all, from 6 p.m.

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At the Louvre-Lens, our favorites for Museum Night this Saturday

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