The 3 most hypocritical zodiac signs

It has happened to everyone, sooner or later, to lie. Even if it is not in your habits, it is possible to embellish a truth so as not to hurt anyone or others. For some it stops there. For others, however, it’s a different story. They are professionals in pretense and this ride, they handle it to perfection! For 3 signs astrological, they are said to be the most hypocritical of the zodiac.

It goes without saying that the natives of the astrological signs named below feel in no way concerned. And for good reason, we are only going to highlight the character trait, the personality and in this case, the hypocritical side, of some of them. This psychological profile can be perceived in the reading of each person’s natal chart.

It is not obvious at first sight to know who we have to do. All the signs of the zodiac have qualities and defects, the latter are very well hidden by these signs of the zodiac:

An air sign in pole position: Gemini

It is without great surprise that we find on the first step of the podium the natives of the sign of Gemini. The latter have facilities to duplicate themselves, adaptability capacities. Indeed, this air sign has the ability to be comfortable everywhere, in all circumstances, and with everyone. Like a real chameleon, he knows how to bond very quickly by adapting to the person he has in front of him.

His multiple facets, which can get him out of delicate situations, can also serve him. His pirouettes and turnarounds are his specialty. He brings it about with such ease that it is disconcerting, borderline disconcerting. But not only, its instability can be annoying. Gemini change their minds quite often, they are quite versatile. Do they adopt a double game because they are unstable or by manipulation? It’s for you to see !

Followed closely by Libra

We find this second air sign on the “Top 3” of the most hypocritical signs of the zodiac. It is quite surprising to find the sign of the Balance. Indeed, the latter is known for her affection for justice and the harmony it emanates.

However, she has the particularity of having difficulty in making choices and also in positioning herself. She has this behavior because above all Libra is eager to please. His desire is to satisfy everyone even if it means moving away from his personality. This suggests that she may have two faces. In addition, this air sign does not support crisis and conflict situations. To avoid this, she is ready to lie in order to get out of this awkward position and avoid it in order to take sides.

And finally an earth sign: Virgo

Just like the sign of Gemini, the Virgin is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication. The natives of this earth sign are particularly known for their controlled, finicky nature but are also driven by a concern for perfectionism. Indeed, very sharp on their work, be careful if you pass behind them. She can be wrong because no one does as well or even better than her. Does she adopt this attitude to serve her own interests? To see according to his sky map…

But not that, the latter is renowned for having a critical mind, towards herself on the one hand but also towards others. Then, above all, she is particularly fond of gossip. The gossip gives water to his mill to talk behind the backs of others. Her improvement reassures her because the Virgin has no confidence in her. This could suggest that she criticizes people in order to reassure herself.

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The 3 most hypocritical zodiac signs

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