Do you dream that you are flying through the air? Here’s what it really means…

Among the most common dreams, there is one that corresponds to a superpower that we would all like to have: the ability to fly. All dream archetypes give rise to interpretations, and this one is no exception. We tell you all about the hidden meaning of this dream as old as the world!

Ve are on the steps of your house, and suddenly, you are no longer standing on solid ground, but you gain height until you overlook your entire village, without making the slightest effort: you are indeed stealing. Finally, the feeling is stunningly realistic, but you are mostly dreaming. Emerging from the arms of Morpheus, still intoxicated by this unusual sensation, gravity has a bitter taste. Jumping out of bed, you erase with the back of your hand this sweet memory that still haunted you: it was only an absurd dream, after all. But what if it was more than that? Imagining flying away while you sleep would be one of the oldest dream archetypesand would therefore have a very precise meaning…

Dreaming of flying: a typical scenario

The most common dreams often come in the form ofarchetypes, that is to say that we find more or less similar codes depending on the individual. In the case of the dream where one flies through the air, one finds oneself most of the time flying over houses (often ours)reports Madame Figaro. It even happens that we can see relatives, family or friends below. In some cases, dreamers fly over more distant lands, sometimes interstellar destinations, even imaginary places.

The ability to fly would then manifest itself according to several variants : either by keeping our anthropomorphism, or by metamorphosing us into a bird or an angel, or even in the hybrid form of a human being with wings.

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How to interpret this dream?

There is no shortage of interpretations concerning dreams of flight, whether they come from philosophers or astrologers. According Doctissimo, there would thus exist 3 main meanings of this dream old as the world:

  • run away from one’s responsibilities : for Freud, the subconscious of the sleeper seeks to escape a blocking situation from which he cannot extricate himself, this problem causing him to feel guilt. Taking flight would allow it toescape the weight of duty and responsibilityand to flee towards new horizons devoid of worry.
  • flee his body : for Jung, the notion of flight would be inherent to the desire to separate from a body that weighs us down, in which we do not feel comfortable. The philosopher also sees in it a desire toemancipation and liberation from earthly contingencies.
  • flee his life : for the astrologer Nostradamus, this dream would translate the deep desire to escape our current condition, yearning for a new life. Its interpretation is closely linked to the notion of travel, to the idea of ​​making a new start in the perspective of a more promising situation.
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There are, of course, other interpretations to consider: for our colleagues in the Shethis dream of flight can also translate a lack of attention to material realities, for someone who doesn’t have their feet on the ground. But this detachment could also be interpreted positively : the flight allows to be overhanging, to gain height, to step back, and therefore to be better able to consider a situation.

Beyond the multiple meanings that can be attributed to the dream of stealing, several elements tend to agree: this dream would therefore globally translate a deep desire for freedom and liberation from constraints, but also a detachment from materialism to tend towards a form of idealism. It is, par excellence, the dream of the desire for emancipation !

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Do you dream that you are flying through the air? Here’s what it really means…

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