What are the meanings of tattoo designs?

Most tattoos have a meaning: of course, it can happen that the latter was done on a whim, but the approach is generally thought out: what are the meanings of the tattoo designs?

In this world where the meaning of things sometimes escapes us (and the growing number of people in professional retraining proves it to us every day), it is vital to build your own identity made of authenticity and veracity. Internet, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and the perverse effects of globalization, everything contributes to the construction of a sanitized and standardized individual who would eat the same thing, buy the same clothes and travel to the same places. A little caricatural no doubt, even if mimicry is something we experience in our daily lives without always noticing it. This intensified race towards ever more modernity and technology is enough to frighten more than one, and the refuges are numerous: what do our tattoos mean?

The hidden meaning of tattoos

The meanings of tattoo designs are as diverse as there are designs. It would be complicated to try to explain all the tattoos one by one, but some frequent designs are known for the symbolism attached to them: as an indication, a tattoo in the shape of an eagle will symbolize power and pride, while a pattern of wings will represent victory. The tree is a symbol of vitality, the compass is linked to luck and your ability to achieve your dreams, and the key can have various meanings: secret, unknown, freedom or imprisonment. The tears at the corner of the eye are usually chosen by people who have lost a loved one, and the sailor’s anchor represents hope (which does not prevent you from getting an anchor tattoo if you are a navigator at heart).

The more personal meaning of tattoos

Tattoos can have a meaning all found and associated with the animal or object drawn on your body, but they are also intimately linked to our life experience and our personal journey. In absolute terms, everyone is free to get the tattoo they want for any reason: love, friendship, mourning, grief, ambition, dreams, passions, there is no limit and everything world will find its logic and justification for a tattoo that will remain on our skin for many years. The meaning can sometimes escape us at first sight, and it is then interesting to ask the person directly why he has chosen such or such a reason: it is up to him to answer you or to keep his secret! A tattoo reads between the lines and does not reveal itself at first glance.

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What are the meanings of tattoo designs?

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