Dream of infidelity: why do I dream that my husband is cheating on me?

Do you often dream of infidelity: that you are cheating on your partner or that he or she is cheating on you? Here are the meanings.

Even without mentioning erotic dreamsit sometimes happens that we dream of infidelity, that we deceive our partner or that our other half deceives us. A sexual dream, a romantic dream, most of the time followed by a strange awakening where we have shame of this famous dream of deception. Know that there is nothing shameful in that. There is often a deeper problem with this. But, why did you dream that you were unfaithful or that your husband or wife was cheating on you? here are some plausible explanations.

NB: This article is theoretical only. Dreams are unique to everyone and the details of your dream could mean something else altogether. Nevertheless, most of the time, the dream of infidelity is explained by one of these scenarios, or even by several at the same time depending on your personal situation and as a couple.

I dream of infidelity: my partner is cheating on me

There are two scenarios when we have a dream of infidelity: we dream that we ourselves are unfaithful OR we dream that our partner is cheating on us. Let us first focus on the latter case. Why do you dream that your partner is unfaithful to you ? here are some theories.

First meaning, I dream of infidelity because I have little confidence in myself or in my couple

If you dream that your partner is cheating on you, there may be several reasons. Among them, it is very likely, even certain, that you have a very strong distrust of infidelity. You are possibly jealous moreover in everyday life, even if it is unconscious. Generally, if we are jealous and we dreams that his partner is cheating on usis that there is a self-confidence issue to be resolved. But also a concern for confidence on your partner’s side.

Are you afraid that your partner will leave you? Are you afraid that his love for you will be extinguished? Maybe are you afraid that he will look elsewhere, with one of those girls he talks to on Facebook? In any case, you have no confidence in yourself and in your ability to keep your partner. You devalue yourself and finally find that others are better, that your better half can do better.

During the day, your unconscious probably stored in you a thought, a thing that you saw that made you doubt yourself and the strength of your relationship. And that’s why you dreamed that your partner is cheating on you. Whether it’s with an ex, a girl you suspect of flirting with him, sexually or romantically

The problem remains the same regardless of the cheating dream: your self-confidence is impaired. There may also be a small communication problem in your couple because they are precisely the unsaid that create this kind of fear in a person in a relationship.

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Could it be trauma related? Have you ever been cheated on in the past?

The lack of self-confidence is in any case related to the other theories that will be stated. In particular, that of the fear of being deceived because of past deceptions. Whether your partner already betrayed you or another before him/her, you are certainly afraid that it will happen again.

Let’s say getting cheated is traumatic in most cases, so it’s no wonder it’s eating you inside, dreaming about it. Furthermore, we note the fact that romantic infidelity dream is more recurrent in this specific case than the dream of sexual infidelity.

dream erotic infidelity meanings (2)

The intuition thesis: it’s also possible that your partner is really cheating on you

You’re not going to like it, but it’s happened many times to many patients of sexologists. Your partner may really be cheating on you. Let’s not talk about premonition, but the brain is good at picking up details that it stock in your unconscious.

Thus, a message sent in secret, a grin, a sentence, a look… all these elements, the microphones behaviours of your partner are analyzed by the brain without you knowing it. This is called intuition, it is precisely a synthesis of brain analyzes associated with your past experiencesthings you know.

So yes, if you dream that your partner is cheating on you, maybe he really does. Unfortunately, this is not a hypothesis of the dream of infidelity to be ruled out. Now, to get to the bottom of it, communication is key.

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Infidelity in a dream: it’s me who cheats on my other half

It is also possible to dream of infidelity, but that is you who cheat on your partner. Why does this happen? Let’s look at some theories.

Possible hypothesis: you are not satisfied in one facet of your relationship (sexuality, listening, routine, boredom, etc.)

Most of the time a dream is the transcription of a detail experienced during the day, often obscured by your consciencebut whose memory is stored in the unconscious.

In case you dreamed of yourself cheating on your partner, this maybe (for example), a thought that crossed your mind during the day (my boyfriend doesn’t want me, I’m bored in my relationship, he doesn’t do the housework, this girl is sexy, etc.). It can also be a thing you saw, as precisely an attractive person who made you want. No worries with that besides, to look, it is not to deceive. This is lie to your partnerbetray his trust which is.

So whether you had a negative thinking towards you or your couple or a look towards a person who seems (in appearance, on the surface only) more interesting and attractive, it is likely that you come to dream of being unfaithful. Why ? Because it translates mistrust, a lack of self-confidence or in your couple.

dream erotic infidelity meanings (2)

Most people, in particular, dream of being unfaithful in order to transcribe a deeper problem like a lack of communication in a relationship with. Lack of communication can eventually lead to this type of dream, because you will imagining yourself with another person who would be “better” than your partner, more understandable, sexier, who does housework, whatever, different. It is associated with a dissatisfaction of a sexual, verbal, behavioral nature, in the couple, linked to this lack of trust and communication.

This does not mean that you do not like your partner, but it does reflect a problem of trust and a concern for internal communication that must therefore be resolved. It’s often the same mechanism you dreamed of make love with a celebritya star, or that you dream of leaving your darling for your ex.

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Dreaming of cheating on your husband / wife: a way of unreal desire for a fantasy

Another possibility, which will have the first in itself, you dream of what you cannot have. Of the “choice you didn’t make” to use the words of Figaro. The media wrote a very interesting article on the subject. To synthesize the idea, if you cheat on your partner in a dream, it can mean that you are fulfilling a fantasy. A desire that you do not allow yourself in real life.

This is particularly the case when one dreams of a star, for example. Or when you dream of make love with an objectin a certain situation, in public, etc. It’s your brain’s way of releasing fantasy through dreaming. Because it cannot be in reality. To remedy this, the most effective is speak of it with his partner to fulfill the fantasy. It is also about free him vocally. Or to see a specialist to eradicate the fantasy.

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Dream of infidelity: why do I dream that my husband is cheating on me?

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