Dream of flying: find out what it means

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Dreaming of flying like a bird has ever happened to you and it gave you well-being?

The dream of flying is recurrent. It is easily interpreted as a feeling or a need for freedom.

We take stock.

Dream of flying: what does it mean?

Many of you dream of flying like Peter Pan! But, maybe you will recognize yourself in one of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1

You dreamed that you had wings that allowed you to fly.

Scenario 2

You dreamed that you were flying over your own home or your own town.

Scenario 3

You dreamed that you were flying and going very far to heavenly, even unrealistic destinations.

Scenario 4

You dreamed that you had found a technique to fly away (and that you were explaining it to those around you, for example).

Dreaming of flying is often very pleasant. Such a dream offers a great feeling of freedom and emancipation. It is the translation that the dreamer would like to escape and that the difficulties of his daily life weigh on him. It can also indicate a desire to travel.

Dreaming of flying: what does psychoanalysis say?

Freud’s vision

According to Sigmund Freud, dreaming of flying reflects an attempt to escape one’s own responsibilities without being seen or recognized. Indeed, flying offers speed and discretion of its movements. This is the best way to flee with impunity.

Jung’s Vision

For Carl Gustav Jung, dreaming of flying translates a desire to leave his own body: either because the dreamer does not like it, or because he considers it too cumbersome (even painful in case of illness in particular). For the founder of psychoanalysis, stealing is also the guarantee of freedom and independence.

Dreaming of flying: what to do about this dream?

“The dreamer must first try to remember as many elements as possible present in the dream. Some could have been repressed unconsciously. Each element must be interpreted at several levels both from a symbolic point of view and according to of his personal history”, indicates the psychologist Samuel Mergui and founder of Psychorama youtube channel.

The flight is a symbol of freedom. If you have dreamed of flying, perhaps you should wonder about the possible existence:

Of a desire to escape from your current life

Maybe it’s time to question certain elements or situations that punctuate your daily life and that have ended up weighing you down? Maybe you should let go or go on vacation to clear your mind.

From a feeling of guilt that weighs on you and from which you would like to free yourself

Your subconscious encourages you to take stock of what weighs you down and what you may feel responsible for. Maybe there is still time to fix your mistakes, to take responsibility for your actions or to react in order to have your back covered?

From a rejection of your body

Perhaps certain aesthetic complexes prevent you from being happy. Your subconscious pushes you to become aware of this obstacle to happiness. It might be a good idea to get into sports or consult a psychologist (if you suffer from dysmorphophobia). But this need to free yourself from your body can also be explained by physical pain that has become difficult to bear. In this case, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. In any case, do not agree to undergo a situation of therapeutic wandering.

Stealing is a recurring dream. “If you had this dream, it may be worth talking to your psychologist about it as part of your analysis. Indeed, the analyst will identify the elements of your life that can explain this dream. In psychoanalytic theory, the A dream is a natural process during which the unconscious expresses itself. It reveals to those who analyze it their unconscious desires, their inner conflicts and their deep anxieties”, according to Samuel Mergui, psychologist.

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Dream of flying: find out what it means

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