The different meanings of a dream related to money

Dreaming of money can mean success

This first interpretation seems the most logical. In the collective imagination, money in a dream announces a prosperous and positive future. And this meaning, which might seem simplistic, is sometimes true! Wealth is synonymous with power and self-confidence.

Finding a sum of money in a dreamthis announces future savings and the realization of projects.

A sum of money that comes in the form of treasure portends a happy event. A project that is particularly close to your heart could be realized quickly.

If you give money to others, you can get rich soon, because prosperity is not far away! But fortune is also the symbol of the unexpected: a meeting, a new start or an improvised journey.

Sleep reveals our most buried and repressed desires. Warning: often dreaming of money can be a sign of financial troubles.

Dreaming of making a fortune can be a symbol of failure

After a positive interpretation, fortune can be a symbol of boredom and failure.

If the money is dirty for example, it may suggest cash flow problems.

On the other hand, if you lose a large sum during your sleep, it is a bad omen. You could actually see part of your savings disappear. But it can also mean that you’re wasting your time and energy on activities that don’t fulfill you. This type of dream can alert you and prompt you to do some introspection and to question your lifestyle and your priorities.

If you dream that your wallet is stolen or your savings are stolen, you risk seeing your investments turn into failure.

“Money does not buy happiness”, it is even sometimes the sign of marital worries or family problems: it is a reflection of the trials and difficulties that you can experience on a daily basis.

Dreaming of money, a sex symbol?

It is not Freud who will say the opposite: dreams translate our impulses, our fantasies and our sexual desires! Thus, money is sometimes the symbol of frustration.

If you are in a dream situation where you see your bank account melting or your credit card freezing, this loss of money is synonymous with a low libido or sexual impotence.

Conversely, if during your sleep you are a flame, it can mean that you have an overflowing sexual energy that is just waiting to be satisfied. If you are in a dream where you lack money, it reveals an emotional lack and a feeling of loneliness.

But if you find money in your dreams, a great encounter in the real world is looming!

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The different meanings of a dream related to money

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