Last night I dreamed of a cat: what does that mean?

Object of adoration and superstition, the cat has fascinated since the dawn of time. And once caught in the arms of Morpheus, it is not uncommon for them to also come and liven up our evenings, interfering in our dreams.

Whether we dream of our own cat or of animals that are not part of our entourage, this emblematic figure of oneirism is loaded with meaning.

“It’s very common to dream of cats, the symbolic dimension is very strong”, confirms Chantal Motto, psychotherapist and author of Deciphering your dreams to properly guide your life (Ed. InterEditions), before recalling thatAbove all, it is necessary to put the dream into context with our current situation.

Dreaming about your cat, the illustration of a strong bond

Moreover, there is not always a message behind certain dream figures.

So, it may be that if you dream of your cat (on a one-time basis), it is only abouta presence, that of a familiar character from our surroundings.

“The meaning of the pet is the simplest and most prosaic, it is the perspective of the relationship that one has with his cat or his dog. Often, it is that it counts a lot for us, there can be a notion of friendship and contact in these dreams”, specifies Chantal Motto.

An animal symbol of intuition

More symbolically – especially if it’s an animal you don’t know – the cat is the representation of all that is intuitive.

“It’s a figure that underlines our ability to see things. Thecats have a particular look and an ability to see at night. This is the idea of ​​seeing, including the invisible“, interprets the psychotherapist.

Thus, dreaming of cats can be a signal from your unconscious to advise you to connect to your third eye, in order to adopt a better reading of the people and situations that surround you “beyond appearances”. This dream can help us to see more clearly about a situation, or to open our eyes to a truth we did not want to accept.

The cat, figure of a connection with its feminine

But Chantal Motto also underlines a last strong symbolism. Often in dreams the cat symbolizes the feminine.

“We can ask ourselves: ‘what is the dream telling me about my femininity (according to what the cat is doing in the dream) is it blossoming, is it Is she forced?'”, quotes the dream specialist.

Likewise, if during the dream, the cat is stroked, it can mean that you have to take care of yourself. On the contrary, if the feline is aggressive, this attitude can reveal something unresolved, in connection with its femininity. “We are in a fight, we may be invaded by the complex“.

Sometimes, it is also appropriate to relate these different symbols and the first name of the animal, if it is stated during the dream. “You have to try to discover the double meaning that can be hidden behind a name. Maybe it corresponds to someone around you. Is it connected to the feminine? To intuition?” she asks. .

If the symbols are multiple as the interpretations of dreams are personal, to better understand the messages of your unconscious, specialists recommend cultivate a dream journal.

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Last night I dreamed of a cat: what does that mean?

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