Laeticia Hallyday in XXL neckline to celebrate a boy she loves “madly”!

Very active on social networks, the widow of Johnny Hallyday frequently shares her daily newspapers with her fans. In addition to posting pictures of her late husband, Laeticia Hallyday also reveals photos of her daughters on her Instagram account. Moreover, one of the latter celebrated its 14th birthday a few days ago.

A happy event that the mother of the family has obviously not forgotten. But if she took over her account again on August 02, 2022, it was for something else. Indeed, Laeticia paid tribute to a little boy dear to her heart, her godson. On the series of photos, we can see it radiant in a low-cut maxi dress.

Laeticia Hallyday’s message to her daughter

On July 27, 2022, Joy Hallyday turned 14. For this occasion, the teenager received lots of messages, especially from her mother. If until then, she has been rather discreet, lately, the girl is talking about her on social networks.

She does not hesitate to unveil videosor to reveal on TikTok that she is at odds with his nephew Cameronfrom the marriage between David Hallyday and the Monegasque heiress Alexandra Pastor.

Anyway, for her birthday, the sister of Jade Hallyday was filled. His mother dedicated a nice message to him on Instagram.

“You are deeply special to all who know you. I’m so lucky to be your mom. I savor every minute as you grow and transform into this incredible girl,” she wrote, not forgetting to mention her daughter’s great wisdom, her kindness, but also her “beautiful singing voice. and his way of “playing the guitar”.

His father’s advice

If she is well surrounded for this happy event, Joy Hallyday can’t help but think of her father, as she does every time. Close to him during his lifetime, it would seem that the young teenager inherited the frank character of the Taulier as well as his artistic flair. One thing that Laeticia has confirmed by the way.

“You mean the world to me my angel. And never forget what your daddy told you. Never let anyone tell you how to feel, how to be. Because no one is in your place. You are free to follow your desires, your dreams. You are free to be yourself, ”said Jalil Lespert’s companion to her daughter.

His advices ? Joy Hallyday follows them to the letter. Indeed, far from her the idea of ​​letting others insult her or even less speak ill of her. The teenager do not hesitate to answer his haters and that’s what she did recently.

“‘If we are what we choose, it’s life that opens up to you … It’s the only truth that is’ happy birthday my love I love you so much … your mom”, concluded the pretty blonde .

Laeticia Hallyday’s tribute to her godson

Shortly after, Laeticia Hallyday came out of silence again to pay homage to his godson. For information, the mother of two children was the godmother of the boy.

As it should be then, the one who is very friendly with Liliane Joshua (Gabriel’s mother) shared a series of pictures where we see her magnificent in a long nude dress and low neckline. In caption of her shots of her alongside Gabriel and in a church, she wrote:

“You, my Gab, my dear godson, she wrote in the caption. It’s no ordinary day. We are all gathered around you to celebrate you my Gabriel. It’s kind of like the first day of the rest of your life. It is with a lot of joy, a bit of excitement and a lot of happiness that I accepted to be your godmother. I take your request as an act of fidelity and love. Because when you choose a godmother it’s for life. »

“Your godmother who loves you madly”

That’s not all ! The young woman assured his godson that she will always be there for him.

“My beautiful godson, if you need an attentive ear, advice or simply someone who understands how good your jokes are, and how sometimes lightness is essential, I will be there, can we read. […] Never be afraid to be ridiculous. Always be generous and genuine because you are deep with such a big heart and such a pure soul,” she said.

To sign his messageLaeticia Hallyday said :

“Your godmother who loves you madly. »

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Laeticia Hallyday in XXL neckline to celebrate a boy she loves “madly”!

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