“I might have been able …”: this great regret of Évelyne Dhéliat which amazes the Web!

Évelyne Dhéliat was the famous presenter of TF1 for many years. But she returned to her career and still shared with regret she has regarding her career. Indeed, even if her career seems to be a real success, she is not entirely of this opinion. We’ll explaine everything here !

50 years of career

Évelyne Dhéliat herself declares having had the longest CDI of the TF1 channel. Indeed, his career spanned 50 years. It’s not a small career. She made her debut in 1968 in the world of television. She confided in Télé 7 jours on her debut. So we can read “I was 20 years old and I was studying for a degree in English at the University of Censier, in Paris. To earn pocket money, I was modeling”. It was therefore on the occasion of the first of August that the famous presenter allowed us to learn more about her career.

Évelyne Dhéliat thus continues her confession to our colleagues by “One day, I answered a classified ad from the ORTF, which was looking for someone to present programs in English at a conference bringing together various European TV channels. I had never done that in my life! After that, I went back to my studies. The ORTF then called me back to running a school programthen for the replacements announcers. I was working freelance”.

It was therefore after this experience that the boss of the ORTF at the time, who was Pierre Sabbagh, hired him. This was over 50 years ago. Indeed, Evelyne Dhéliat emphasizes that “My CDI turned 50 last year !”. For fidelity, this is a proof.

Évelyne Dhéliat, a professional regret

Like that, we could say that Evelyne Dhéliat has won everything. She had no difficulty in undergoing hirings, dismissals, galleys. She seems to have always had steady job and of hit. But in reality, although her journey is remarkable, she has one regret.

Indeed, even if it is a pattern of success, this career as a presenter does not entirely satisfy her. Evelyne Dhéliat is well aware that she had “the chance to be in the right place at the right time”. On the other hand, even if luck gave it a boost in its early days, it is still the fruit of hard work, “I worked a lot”.

But her regret is such that the weather presenter would have liked to experiment with other things. Evelyne Dhéliat confides in her dreams of the past, saying “I would have loved to be a journalist, but in ’68 the women in this trade were confined to women’s magazines, to the sections knitting Where kitchen”.

Evelyne Dhéliat then adds that The things started to change around the 1980s, with the arrival on the air of Christine Ockrent and Anne Sinclair. Sometimes I think to myself that maybe I would have been able to present a JT 1 p.m. or 8 p.m., but I’m probably arrived too early.

Despite this small regretthe presenter is more than happy with professional life that she had and recognition for his hard work she has today.

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“I might have been able …”: this great regret of Évelyne Dhéliat which amazes the Web!

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